Kuroshitsuji ~ Book of Circus~ Taeyang Undertaker Announced!

Last night was a busy night for Groove, not only did they blog the details of Sailor Moon x Pullip Black Lady and announce Le Petit Prince Isul they also announced the latest doll in the Kuroshitsuji collaboration series. The Undertaker Taeyang will be the eighth full sized doll released in collaboration with Kuroshitsuji. The Kuroshitsuji collaboration series has proved so popular that there have actually been two separate series of collaboration with Kuroshitsuji the only other anime/manga collaboration series we have seen this with is Rozen Maiden which also received a second series of dolls over the past year. Groove first released dolls based on the series starting back in 2009, a total of five dolls were released Taeyang Sebastian, Dal Ciel and Pullip Grell were released in spring of 2009 and then that fall Dal Ciel Robin Version and Taeyang Sebastian Private Tutor Version were released. Earlier this year Groove started a new collaboration series based on the Book of Circus arc of Kuroshitsuji, a new Isul version of Ciel and a new Taeyang Sebastian based upon their appearance in the Book of Circus were released.

In Japan, the Undertaker will be released in December he will be released a month later here in the US. He has a MSRP of 22000 yen.


T254_06_mailTo me, the Undertaker was always one of the more fascinating characters from the series. His real name is not even known, he is referred to strictly as his cover job’s title “Undertaker” he is a former grim reaper and now works as an underworld informant for the Phantomhive family. Rather than money he demands amusement in the form of a first-rate laugh for his services as an informant. His eyes and his facial scar are almost always obscured by his long hair.
T254_07_mailHe has such an unusual and unique face up, I love it! I also love his really intense yellow-green eyes. You can really see some of the details that were faithfully recreated in this photo, he even comes with his ring!
T254_02_mailI think Undertaker’s design translated really nicely into doll form, I passed on the new versions of Sebastian and Ciel as I already have dolls of their characters but I don’t think I will be able to resist him as he is so well done!
Back/side view of his outfit for anyone curious!

I will be sure to update when he becomes available for preorder JPGroove and Pullipstyle.

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