Sailor Moon x Pullip – Details announced about Pullip Sailor V’s Release

Groove teased us last week with a picture of Pullip Sailor V on their blog, earlier today they made a new post revealing the details of her upcoming release. Sailor V will be the fourteenth doll in the super popular Sailor Moon x Pullip line of dolls. Sailor V has a MSRP of 17000 yen and will be released in November in Japan but we will not her here in the US until mid to late December (please, please be home in time for Christmas!).

For those of you maybe not familiar with the series who are now wondering why Sailor V looks so much like Sailor Venus it’s because before Sailor Venus became a character in Sailor Moon she was the title character of her own manga Codename: Sailor V which is set in the same universe as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. I had been hoping that Sailor V would be released as a doll ever since the collaboration line was announced as there is just so little Sailor V merchandise unlike Sailor Moon in general which has an unfathomable amount of merchandise. I had a glimmer of hope when she was featured as one of the choices in the facebook poll that Groove did last year about which dolls we would like to see in the future as a part of the Pullip x Sailor Moon line.
Code-named Sailor V! Messenger of justice! Sailor beautiful woman warrior calling on!

sailorv3Sailor V looks like she will be a great addition to the Sailor Moon x Pullip line. I love her bold costume!
sailorv2She appears to have a pretty similar face up to Sailor Venus’ which you can see here, her eye make up seems to be black rather than dark brown now but the only other notable difference is the addition of a crescent moon on her forehead.
sailorv5The Sailor V Pullip seems to be a very faithful reproduction of the character. I’m very excited that Groove chose to make her as a doll and is giving fans a chance to add such a great piece of Sailor V merchandise to their collections. I know I will definitely be adding her to my collection though I am currently woefully behind on my Sailor Moon x Pullip collecting.
sailorv4A quick glimpse of Sailor V’s outfit from behind.
sailorv6I am extremely curious how Sailor V’s mask is being held on, it does not seem to be like glasses with part of the mask going behind her ears maybe it is like Pullip Harley Quinn’s mask with clear elastic keeping it on hmmm…
other_mercBandai shop once again has an bonus item exclusive to those who preorder from them. It’s a plush of Sailor V/Sailor Venus’ cat companion Artemis, when Sailor Venus’ exclusive bonus item was revealed to be her school uniform I had the sneaking suspicion that Artemis would be making an appearance with Pullip Sailor V if she got released. The exclusive version is 1000 yen more than the standard version.
sailorv7Artemis sure is cute but I’m not sure if he is worth the trouble of ordering via Bandai. The exclusive version can be preordered here.

I will update this when she becomes available for preorder via Pullipstyle/JPGroove.

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