Tiny Anthro BJD Milk-Pang

Pullipstyle is running a special on several different Pang-ju, most are now marked to a very affordable $50 each. I had ordered Flower-Pang and I was so taken with her that I ended up ordering some additional Pang-ju recently. Milk-Pang is one of my recent additions and was the first up for photos.

For those of you who don’t already know, Pang-ju is a tiny ball jointed doll made by Groove (the company that makes Pullip). While they are bjds they are not made out of resin so they may be off-topic on some of the purist bjd forums. Pang-ju come with a face up, eyes and as well as an outfit their themes are often quite whimsical with releases including a British palace guard, a flower and a cow (no, I’m not kidding!- link). They are not gendered so technically they can be either gender though most of the releases are styled to be more feminine or masculine with only a few being somewhat androgynous. They are very tiny, only about four inches tall roughly the same size as a Lati White (size comparison).
Milk-Pang was released in October of 2013 with a MSRP of 10000 yen. She was the eleventh Pang-ju released.

Milk-pangMilk-Pang in the box. She comes with a removable lacy over skirt as well as eye putty. Pang-ju have a little device designed to keep their eyes in place but it can be replaced with the more traditional eye putty for easier eye positioning. It’s a nice option to have,  I know I’ve never particularly enjoyed manually re-positioning  the eyes on such a tiny doll.
Milk-pangA close up of Milk-Pang’s face up. She has a very sweet and angelic face up and grayish blue eyes. I adore her tiny little eyebrows as well as the delicate shading on the tips of her ears.  Since I’ve recently acquired a goodish amount of Pang-ju I’ve decided to construct a partial Pang-ju face up index which can be seen here.
Milk-PangThe box insert makes for a cute photo backdrop for Pang-ju photos. I’m really impressed with the amount of details that she has on her dress, I can’t imagine sewing something that detailed in that size. I wanted to take a few pictures with out the lace overskirt so the details on the lower portion dress wouldn’t be lost.
Milk-PangI love how exquisitely detailed her little ruffled headband is.
Milk-pangThat lace skirt really is something! It makes quite the train.
Milk-PangThe lace skirt is a little bit long on tiny Pang-ju! I have Pang-ju on a Pullip stand in this shot and the skirt extends way past where the floor should be. Her outfit almost reminds of a baptismal gown especially with the lacy overskirt on, I’m not sure if that is supposed to be the inspiration or not but that is what it reminds me of. Milk-PangSometimes it’s hard to judge the size of things even with measurements so I decided to take a picture of Milk-Pang with a Pullip so there would at least be some idea of size reference. Pang-ju makes an excellent companion for Pullip. The Pullip is Meg for anyone curious, she was one of my favorite releases of last year her review can be seen here.
Milk-pangMore photos of the darling little Milk-Pang can be seen on her set on my flickr. Milk-Pang is available via Pullipstyle, be sure to check out their whole selection of Pang-ju!

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2 Responses to Tiny Anthro BJD Milk-Pang

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    Thank you for the pictures of yours! This is still one of the first I want to get [along with Janpanica, Cookie and another either Cherry or Russian] ran in a couple of snags or it already would have happened . A couple of really good sales and my bills would have been paid and I could have already got these!

  2. wonderful review of a precious wee girl. She would pose beautifully with Dal Silane 🙂

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