Pang-Ju Face Up Index

The complete list of Pang-ju releases can be seen here. This page is an index for different stock Pang-ju face ups collected for anyone curious. As a note, this list will likely remain incomplete as I have no intention of collecting all of the different Pang-ju releases. Unless otherwise noted all photos on this page were taken by me.

IMG_1089Model: Rambu-Pang

Pome-PangModel: Pome-Pang

Cranberry-PangModel: Cranberry-Pang

Milk-pangModel: Milk-Pang

Chiffon Cake-PangModel: Chiffon Cake-Pang

Flower-pangModel: Flower-Pang

Black Russian-PangModel: Black Russian-Pang

I do not own or have access to the following Pang-ju at this time: Campbell-pang, Peach-pang, Jambu-Pang, Coco-Pang, Japonica-Pang, Cherry-Pang, Cookie-Pang, Darjeeling-Pang or Calf-Pang. If you have a face up shot of one of the above Pang-ju and would like to donate please comment or email me at Pullipsandjunk @ you will have of course be credited.