Sailor Moon x Pullip – Luna Pullip Announced!

And to think I was just sitting here wondering what I should post about first here as I struggle to get back into the swing of things and then I saw a new announcement from Groove and inspiration struck….
Luna (human version)Groove has announced via their blog that they will be releasing a human version of Sailor Moon’s faithful kitty cat companion Luna. No release date has been announced though I imagine she’ll be released in August, price is also unknown at this time. I will be sure to update once more information becomes available.
For those of you unfamiliar with the series, in the Sailor Moon S movie Luna becomes a human girl for a single night so she can spend time with the human astronaut she has fallen in love with (no, I’m not kidding!). I never really expected to see her as a doll but I think she makes an absolutely lovely doll!

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3 Responses to Sailor Moon x Pullip – Luna Pullip Announced!

  1. blackshucksighted says:

    Luna, Diana and Artemis all become human (well technically they’re aliens who have tails and can become human) in the manga to assist Sailor Moon, Venus and Chibi so they do play a bigger part there. She is gorgeous though.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m aware but trying to explain the anime/films to a non-watcher is hard enough :XD . I’m really excited that they are releasing her as a doll, I honestly did not expect it to happen maybe we will see human versions of Artemis and Diana as dolls eventually as well. I’m dying to see Saturn.

      • blackshucksighted says:

        I’d love to see Artemis and Diana as well. I would have thought Saturn and Pluto would have been before her.

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