Pullip x Sailor Moon Collaboration: Pullip Sailor Jupiter Announced!

A single teaser photo of Pullip Sailor Jupiter surfaced via Groove’s blog last night. No information on release date and/or MSRP is available yet but my guess is she will be a January release in Japan and have a MSRP of 16000 yen (same as the other sailor scouts). There will undoubtedly be a limited version of Sailor Jupiter with an exclusive accessory available exclusively via Bandai’s shop, I assume it’ll more than likely be her school uniform but we shall see.
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter is the last of the five inner sailor senshi to be released though the sixth doll released overall as a part of the collaboration. I honestly think they did a pretty nice job with her, I look forward to seeing more promo photos of her.

I will update this as more information about Sailor Jupiter’s release becomes available.

On a somewhat related note, Sailor Venus will be on her way home to me very soon.

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1 Response to Pullip x Sailor Moon Collaboration: Pullip Sailor Jupiter Announced!

  1. LilaAIP says:

    I’m still waiting for Groove to announce a Dal Chibiusa. WHERE IS SHE?? D:

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