Way for a few days! Plus various other small updates.

I will be away for a few days starting tomorrow morning through until Monday night, I have intentions of traveling lightly ie. no laptop though I will have my iPad and phone with me for internet access. I will be taking Penny the traveling Yeolume with me but it is unlikely that I will be uploading photos until my return on Monday.

Tokidoki Unicorno Pixie

  • Please note that the Pullip FAQ has moved! I rearranged things slightly so that the Pullip FAQ is now a part of the top navigation bar to make it a little bit easier for people to find. I try to make the FAQ as thorough as possible but if there is anything that anyone feels isn’t adequately covered in the FAQ please let me know and I’ll try and include. Please keep in mind I prefer not to delve into some of the more subjective matters like obitsu matching,  the only true color match for any doll is it’s own body (unless it’s Carol, then you are screwed as her head doesn’t even match her own body) and everyone has a different tolerance level of what constitutes a match. While I may be happy with a Papin on a white obitsu, you may not be happy with a Papin on a white obitsu.
  • Speaking of Papin Magma Heritage whom I’ve never actually bought from before had a clear out sale on their facebook page of display models in their store… I had tried for the Sashas originally but they had already sold but I did end up buying their Papin (after currency conversion with shipping she only ran me about $55). It occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever done a proper review of Papin here so expect an epic novel length review of the best pullip ever released Papin when she does arrive.
  • JPGroove had listed some older/rare dolls on their website that were leftover from SDCC they have since all sold out.
  • Speaking of SDCC ,the photos featured in this post are of two of the series three Tokidoki Unicorno blind bag toys that debuted at SDCC. Pixie is pictured above and Coccinella below, these two were my favorites from the new series.
  • I’m hoping to be able to order Pullip Super Stella via Pullipstyle with my next paycheck.
  • Dal Galla will be the next doll reviewed here, I am hoping to get her review posted up tonight before I go to bed but no promises!


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