Sailor Mercury Pullip first promo photo released!

Just a quickie via a single promotional photo of Pullip Sailor Mercury has surfaced. No details about her release have been announced at this time ie. when she is coming out/price but at least we have confirmation that the Sailor Moon series of Pullips will be continuing. Hopefully by the time I return from Michigan on Monday, more details and photos will be released.Sailor Mercury
Groove has rather faithfully transitioned Sailor Mercury’s character design into Pullip form. What else does everyone think of Sailor Mercury? Personally I’m pretty happy with this release though I’m not sure if I should pray for the continued success of this collaboration or not as I only have so much space and I am seriously going to need all of the Sailor Senshi that get released in Pullip form and I can see this getting expensive fast!

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4 Responses to Sailor Mercury Pullip first promo photo released!

  1. Naoka says:

    I LOVE HER! I NEED HER! She looks great, they definitely did a good job at being faithful to the original design. Part of me hopes they’ll make all the Sailor Senshi but then again, oi my wallet if they do!

  2. Lynn says:

    She is so stunning! I like her even better than Sailor Moon. I hope Neptune gets made as she’s my favorite.

  3. yarnalchemist says:

    I think they have done an even better job with Mercury than they did with Sailor Moon!! She looks perfect! I adore her hair! This is definitely going to be an expensive year for doll buying for me. Good thing that I haven’t really bought any other dolls this year except Vermehlo Isul.

  4. Rynn says:

    Definitely getting her. I collect BJDs but Pullips are SO much cheaper! I’ll be adding her to my crew! Hope they do Pluto…

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