Pullip News Round Up!

    • Groove has officially announced Sailor Moon via their blog, she has a MSRP of 16000 yen and set to be released in July. I already did a blog post up on her here when she popped up for preorder on Bandai’s page. She is not a Bandai exclusive, Bandai was the just the first store allowed to open preorders but the little Luna plush is a Bandai exclusive. According to Groove’s blog post, preorders everywhere else should start opening around the 26th. So now the question won’t be whether or not she will be coming the US or not but how much we will be paying for her.
      Sailor Moon Sailor of justice and love! On behalf of the moon, Oshiokiyo~tsu! !
    • A new version of Regeneration Anne of Green Gables Pullip was released in Japan at some sort of museum exhibit commemorating the release of the book. The only difference I see between this version and the normal Regeneration version of Anne is that she has a new box. She has a MSRP of 12000 yen, she doesn’t seem to have a unique product number. You can read more about the Anne doll on Groove’s blog.
    • Groove recently announced some one-off custom dolls based upon the likeness of the one-off customs based on the band Ichigeki as a part of a collaboration with HoneySlash. From my admittedly poor understanding of Japanese the dolls’ listings seem to say that the dolls have custom face ups by @Nai but everything else (wigs/costumes/tattoos) seems to have been designed/made by HoneySlash. The dolls are/were available through Honey Slash’s website. They have a MSRP of 46000 yen each and do not even come with a stand, for that price they couldn’t have tossed in a stand?

Photo Source: Honey Slash

These boys left me a bit puzzled as they were mentioned on Groove’s official blog but they technically aren’t releases to I ended up building a page about extraordinary releases (which is still partially under construction) which can be seen here . The page has doll carnival customs, charity auction dolls and etc and a fair few more details on the Ichigeki dolls in case anyone is keen on them.

  • I am currently waiting on Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Pullip Violetta as well as two Jun Planning classmates, two more Ai Dolls, Pullip Bouquet, Byul Fata and Taeyang Wayne… I may have overdid it a little but I wanted to get my orders in while I still had the apartment available as a shipping address as to avoid as many questions as possible. While I am waiting if anyone has any preference on any items on my to do list please let me know. Items currently on the to do list include reviews for the following: Pullips Canele, Varele, Fraulein, Princess Sapphire, Tokidoki Luna, Classical White Rabbit, Classical Alice, Sound Horizon twins Hortense and Violette, Princess Rosalind; Isuls Romantic King and Midnight Velvet; Byul Cheshire Cat; Taeyang Pluto; Dal Froggy custom by Requiemart and a post about the Pullip books.


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