New Pullipstyle Discount Code & Isul Beary Fairy Gosomi up for preorder

Pullipstyle is running a new special on all in stock Dals and Byuls, the promo code is DALBYUL5 and it is good for $5 off any in stock Dals and Byuls (please note this does not include the Dal MIO kit or Little Dals/Byuls). Now for the hard part, deciding to who to use the coupon on…

May I humbly suggest Dal Heiwa?
Deerie Lu
Or maybe Heiwa is too sweet for you, Dal Natalie the blood-splattered nurse is more your style.
Of course, you can never go wrong with Alice.
Alice & White Rabbit
Of course Byul needs love too!

Personally I really want Dal Icarus so hopefully I’ll be able to order her while the coupon code event is still ongoing.

In other Pullipstyle news, Isul Gosomi is now available for preorder. He is priced at $109.95 and is due for a July release here in the states. Personally I think I’m safe from Gosomi.

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2 Responses to New Pullipstyle Discount Code & Isul Beary Fairy Gosomi up for preorder

  1. mawry says:

    I never owned a Dal, I just never really liked them, but Heiwa is just so cute! And Natalie kinda reminds me of Abby from NCIS :p Dammit, now I want to buy a Dal! Icarus is so pretty 😮

    • kleintoys says:

      At first I was a bit weary of Dal but her grumpy face has sure grown on me over the years, she just seems to have a lot of personality/spunk. I must warn you though one little grumpy one normally isn’t enough.

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