Pullip Dilettante

Pullip Dilettante was released in February of this year in Japan and is just now being released here in the US. Dilettante is the only non-collaboration release for the month. She has a MSRP of 15000 yen.

JPGroove sent me Dilettante as a sample item along with Pullip Sakura Miku and Taeyang AKIRA x Destinee de la Rose , when I saw her promotional photos initially Dilettante had failed to leave any sort of impression on me, I have to say in person she is stunner! She is a very classy and sophisticated, sort of lady. She reminds me a bit of an updated release of the classic Pullip release Afternoon whereas Afternoon seems idyllic in her 1950s-esque outfit Dilettante is a more of a modern classic. Dilettante’s stock look seems much more practical and suited in realism when compared to most Pullip stock, I could actually see someone wearing this to work in real life.

With the hustle and bustle of the city and station me, I will stroll anywhere… I’m not interested in pretty things… Although it’s different with pretty and unusual things… Feel Like So.

Dilettante in the box
Dilettante Dilettante Dilettante

Dilettante’s stock consists of a blouse, a skirt, stockings, a trench coat, sunglasses and high heels. She also comes with the standard card and stand. Her stock comes with some great pieces like the blouse and skirt which are pretty versatile. I absolutely adore her stockings they have a somewhat subtle floral print. The trench coat was pretty hyped with this release, none of the promotional photos even showed what she had underneath it. It’s a nice piece and it’s partially lined (inside of coat is lined but not the sleeves)  but I prefer the style of Afternoon’s trench coat, a couple of J-dolls had really nice fitted coats as well. The shoes are just standard black high heels similar to Barbie shoes.

The wig is decent quality for a Pullip wig, I prefer wigs with bangs personally. I was not especially fond of the color so I ended up rewigging her in one of the MIO wigs.
I really love her face up, especially the smokey eye make up and her lips. Dilettante has deep brown eyes.
For years, the doll community has been talking about wanting Pullips in more casual clothing especially since there have been so many lolita themed releases lately (while they are lovely, most people seem to prefer a variety of themes) so Dilettante is almost like a fresh breath of air. She isn’t a collaboration, she isn’t overly elaborate she could be a real girl.
While I like the concept of a trench coat with this girl, I wish it was a bit more fitted. The trench coat is still a really nice piece though.
This is what she has going on underneath the trench coat, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find such a cute outfit underneath as the promotional photos didn’t really show the outfit underneath off.
I love her skirt.
Dilettante definitely has a lot of potential, I think in time she will become a modern classic and will go unto become one of the more popular Pullip releases.
More pictures of the lovely Dilettante are available on my flickr.
Thanks again to JPGroove for making this review possible.

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9 Responses to Pullip Dilettante

  1. Jane Cherie says:

    I think she is very pretty and I totally love her outfit. Her skin tone seem a bit “grey”? It’s very different from other Pullip I saw. I prefer Lolita outfits but I love her trench coat and her pretty shirt. The wig is beautiful and seems to match her eyes but nothing more impressive. You will probably make her look more interesting with another one of your wig.

  2. Bea Jai says:

    I think she’s slowly growing on me. So pretty! n.n
    And I love that blouse.

  3. margaux says:

    (Not sure if I sent the 1st comment I wrote) but I’m thinking of buying 2, and I can’t decide between dal lizbel, and pullips io and dilettante. Who would you choose? Thanks!

  4. margaux says:

    I forgot to mention, eos is somehow my grail doll, and I found that dilettante’s faceup looks pretty similar to eos’. Or is it just me? Anyway, thanks again for the reply!

    • kleintoys says:

      Honestly with any of the three choices you couldn’t have gone wrong, all three dolls are very lovely though they very different personalities. Thanks so much, I really enjoy spreading the love of Pullip in any way I can. I’m probably not going to make it to Puddle this year unfortunately as I’m the middle of moving at the moment and I’ve been quite ill recently.

      Eos is an absolutely lovely girl, they do have somewhat similar face ups it seems a lot of elements of a face up will repeat after a while.

      • margaux says:

        Actually your blog was one of the first things I saw with regard to pullips, and I’ve been collecting since last year. Unfortunately I get only 2-3 a year so I have to think wisely before purchasing. Good luck with your move! I hope it’s a lovely place and neighborhood. And I also hope you get well. It’s probably for the best that you don’t attend the event, so that you get the rest that you need. Have a good day. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m glad I was able to introduce you to Pullips 🙂 I’m very fortunate so I try to share as many photos/information as I can about the releases so people can make an informed decisions about which doll will be the perfect fit for them as I hate buying a doll to find a nasty lack of quality control surprise.

      I’m actually moving home, my grandparents raised me and my grandmother died this past winter my grandfather isn’t really able to be on his own. We have been staying here since my grandmother was diagnosed we are just now finally shutting down the apartment.

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