Arrival: Pullip Io!

I had a new arrival this past Saturday, the lovely Pullip Io! Pullip Io is part of the Dreaming Bird of Myth series, she has a peacock theme. She was August’s Pullip release (September here in the US) and I preordered mine via my favorite purveyor of Pullips Pullipstyle.
Like the blue sky, Like the green forest, Like the pitch black night… Wearing colors and stepping out with excited… Feel Like So.

IMG_8458 Pullip Io IMG_8459
Io’s stock is like a showgirl because I guess as showgirls are flashy like peacocks (though a female would be a peahen and well wouldn’t be flashy). The stock is nicely made, though I should mention that the peacock feathers on her stock do appear to be real.  I was admittedly a bit worried because of the curls but her hair is silky and the wig is of nice quality.
Pullip Io Face Up
Io has a very pretty face up. My favorite part of her face up is her eye make up as it really quite intense but not too overpowering. I absolutely love her glittery eye chips and they are in such a lovely shade of blue too. I really like the mix of pink and peach tones they used for her make up.
Of course a peacock themed girl tends to be a bit of a show-off and she does have a fantastic showgirl outfit to show off!
I named her Fatima after a vaguely remembered villain from the Disney Aladdin tv series who turned into a bird woman (I had thought of naming her Cleopatra after the character from Tod Browning’s first talkie film Freaks but I didn’t think many people would catch the reference and those who did would surely question my sanity). Fatima seemed like a good name for a peacock themed showgirl.
Io’s lovely face is accentuated by her flashy eye chips.
I really do love the colors they chose for Io, her outfit really compliments her color scheme and suits her beautifully. She is a very nicely put together release.
More pictures of the lovely Pullip Io on my flickr or you could always get your own Pullip Io from Pullipstyle!
Next up it will be something most unusual, reviews of one of Groove’s other doll lines Sasha.

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1 Response to Arrival: Pullip Io!

  1. Jane Chérie says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL *_* Looking at her official pictures didn’t really sway me but your pictures are fantastic! I love her eyes!

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