Various Updates


  • My birthday was this past Friday, I’m now thirty years old. Most of what I received as presents wasn’t really well photogenic unless you like blu-ray cases ^^;.  I got a bunch of anime on blu-ray including all of the Puella Magi Madoka tv series, Hellsing OVA I-VIII, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles season two (already have season one) & OVAs and both seasons of Gunslinger Girls. My preorder for Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion LE version was also prepaid. This is related to why it’s been relatively quiet here, I’m been watching anime the stuff I got on blu-ray as well as Sword Art Online on netflix. I also tend to get slightly depressed and not very social around my birthday plus I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with moving stuff ^^;
  • I got Garzey’s Wing on dvd, it’s like the worst anime ever and the dub is horrendous but it’s so bad it’s hilarious, it’s almost like an Ed Wood film.
  • I did get the Ultimate Madoka Hobby Japan figure pictured above for my birthday as I am still fairly obsessed with Madoka. I bought the Sound Horizon Pullips Violette and Hortense that are pictured below for myself for my birthday.
  • Pullips Sakura Miku and Dilettante as well as Taeyang Destinee de la Rose are now in stock on Pullipstyle. Reviews of all three dolls have already been posted up here. I’m really trying not to notice the fact that Chiffon-pang is now in stock on PS.

Violette & Hortense I’m hoping to crank my productivity back up here now that I’ve gotten the bulk of the stuff sorted in the apartment.

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5 Responses to Various Updates

  1. Bea Jai says:

    Will you be getting a Chiffon? A review of her(him) would be great. *wink wink*
    Congrats on your birthday haul! n.n The Madoka figure is beautiful, and the Pullips of course.

    • kleintoys says:

      Not immediately, I unfortunately discovered a LE Lati that sucked up all of my immediate doll funds but I’m sure I’ll get her in the future to go with my Cranberry-Pang.

      Thanks so much ❤

  2. h3artmare91 says:

    Aawww, Happy belated birthday Klein~
    What a lovely haul of gifts I say x3

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