First Look at Groove package (Pullips Dilettante & Sakura Miku, Taeyang AKIRA × Destinée de la Rose and MIO Items).

Both Truefan (world’s biggest Dal fan, organizer of Puddle) and I were recently contacted by JPGroove, we were told that we each had a package of sample items on the way. We weren’t told anything about the sample items so I didn’t really know what to expect, previously we had both received the debut batch of MIO items as well as Pullip Kuhn from Groove. I had the hope when I heard that a sample item was coming that it maybe just might be Pullip Sakura Miku. I think my jaw just about hit the floor when the package arrived yesterday, I don’t think either of us expected all of this.
I received a package from Groove today :O
What was in the package? A whole lot of dolly awesomeness.
Dolls: Pullip Dilettante, Taeyang Akira x Destinee de la Rosa and Pullip Vocaloid Sakura Miku. These three dolls are the February releases in Japan/March releases for us in the US. The promotional photos of Dilettante had failed to really leave an impression on me but I must say she is quite lovely in person. Sakura Miku is definitely my favorite though so she will be the first doll to get reviewed.
MIO clothing sets
The MIO (Make It Own) clothing sets: Vest & Jeans set casual version and monotone versions, Knit One-piece black & lilac versions and the Holiday Picnic Set.
MIO shoes
MIO shoe sets these are all for Pullip unless noted otherwise: High Heels (Blue) x Boots (Brown), Fur Boots (Camel), Engineer Boots (Black) x Loafers (Blue), Engineer Boots for Taeyang  and  Tassel Shoes (Black) x Short Boots (Brown) for Taeyang
MIO wigs
MIO wigs: Wave in platinum gold and pink, Short Bob in black & grey and the Medium wig in two-tone brown.
MIO eyechips
MIO eyechips: Aqua Blue & Light Pink, Lemon Yellow x Red Purple and Apricot & Light Green.

I’ll be doing full reviews on all of these items over the next couple of weeks, if anyone has any particular questions or anything they would like me to cover please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it.

Thanks again to JPGroove for their amazing generosity and sending me all this awesome stuff to review.

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22 Responses to First Look at Groove package (Pullips Dilettante & Sakura Miku, Taeyang AKIRA × Destinée de la Rose and MIO Items).

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    ZOMG…You have an AWESOME job getting to review such lovely products x3

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ I wish it was my job sadly my day job is pretty mundane. I'm hoping to get the review of Sakura Miku up in the next few days.

  2. Kiki says:

    Would you please cover the quality of Dilettante’s hair as well as what she wears inside her jacket? (I remember the promo pics never showed what she wore underneath, so I’m really interested in that.)

    Thanks! And congrats on all this stuff. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I will definitely cover Dilettante very thoroughly, I have to say I was not to thrilled with her promo pictures but she is really quite nice in person.

      Thanks ❤

  3. Mimi says:

    Lucky. Do you get to keep that stuff? Or do you send it back?

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks. I think so, Groove has let me keep the items they sent me previously (Pullip Kuhn and MIO items) realistically I don’t think they could really sell them for very much after I get done playing with them and by me (and Truefan) doing full reviews for the items, we will definitely be getting lots of photos/information about the items out there which is good promotion for Groove.

  4. Jane Cherie says:

    Wow! Merry Christmas! LOL Can’t wait to see your review on them!

  5. Alden says:

    Merry Christmas indeed! How do you get all this stuff? Did they ask you to review their products initially (I see you have done several promos for them in the past) or was it vice versa? Either way congratulations! I’m interested in seeing the taeyang review as I may give one to a special someone.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks. Groove contacted me not the other way around, I was recommended to them because of my website and they asked for my contact information. I have been blogging about Pullip since before I even started this site and promoting them as they are my favorite doll, owner photos could sometimes be hard to come by so I liked to share mine and share my thoughts on particular Pullips. I have also compiled one of the most comprehensive resources for Pullips and other Groove/Jun Planning dolls on this site. When they contacted me they thanked me for blogging about Pullip and asked me some questions and said they would like to send me some sample items (the first batch of MIO items), they seemed happy with the effort I put in with them as I did pretty extensive reviews about them. A couple of months later Pullip Kuhn arrived without a word of warning so I did what I do with basically every Pullip I get and reviewed her. Groove contacted me (and Truefan) a couple of weeks ago, said they had shipped us some sample items and asked us some more questions. We didn’t know what was coming just that there was something on the way. I honestly never thought Groove would contact me or acknowledge me in any way shape or form ^^;

      The Taeyang review should be up in about a week, I’m in the middle of moving right now but I’m trying to keep to a schedule I set for myself so Sakura Miku should be first on Saturday/Sunday then probably an outfit set as they are quicker then Dilettante on like Tuesday/Wesnesday then probably another outfit set (s) then the Taeyang on Friday/Saturday of next week.

  6. Holly says:

    Sorry if you said the info if I missed it, but do you know where I can purchase the vest, shirt, and pants outfit? I’ve already found the shoes from and I’m interested in finding the outfit, thank you for your time

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s not available in the US yet but it should be pretty soon, it’ll probably show up to PS with the next batch of preorder Pullips so around the end of the month.

    • kleintoys says:

      They are now up on Pullipstyle, I’m probably going to post the review of them up tonight if I can get the little one to stop playing long enough ^^;

      • Holly says:

        Thank you very much for informing me, I will most definitely look into purchasing it, thank you for your time

  7. Holly says:

    By any chance would clothing for an Isul fit a Taeyang? Or would it be too small to even try, thank you for your time

  8. Neko says:

    So is actually safe and legit because I want to get a pulilip from them but i dont know if its safe

    • kleintoys says:

      Yes, they are the US distributor of Pullips so they are very reliable though I honestly do the bulk of my Pullip buying from Pullipstyle . Pullipstyle’s prices tend to be a bit lower and their customer service is amazing, I bought 100+ dolls from them without complaint.

    • kleintoys says:

      Pullipstyle I order and barring some unusual circumstance my order is in the mail that day. JPGroove can vary a little bit with shipping time normally it takes a few days but I have seen it takes as long as two weeks. Sometimes the manager of JPGroove is out of the country and they have someone helping out in the mean time and stuff tends to move a little bit slower then.

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