Batman: Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit

I went to go see the Lego Movie a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed it so much so that I decided to buy a Lego Movie kit specifically the Cuckoo Palace. Unfortunately at least in my area it seems as though everyone had the same thought as me and wanted the Cuckoo Palace as no local stores had it in stock. During my great hunt, I found something even better than the super cute Cuckoo Palace… a new Batman Lego Kit!
The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
I love Batman lego kits so of course it had to come home with me! The new kit I found is the Batman: Joker Steam Roller Lego kit, it has a MSRP of $49.99 and it is one of four new kits released to coincide with the release of the Lego movie (Batman doesn’t appear in any of the official Lego Movie kits released so far).  The Steam Roller kit is the largest of the four new kits, the others are Batman: Penguin Face Off MSRP $12.99, Man-Bat Attack MSRP $19.99 and Batman: The Riddler Chase MSRP $29.99. I have since purchased the Riddler kit coincidentally alongside the Cuckoo Palace as there was a buy one, get one half off Lego sale at ToysRus’s website and they happened to have them both in stock at the time ^^; I’ll more than likely get the other two kits at some point as well, I have all but one of the newer series of Batman kits (I don’t have the Dark Knight Rises-esque Bane kit) as well as some of the kits from the first round like Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise.

The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit Mini figs
The kit came with five different mini-figures including a Joker goon, the Joker in a new gangster style suit, Batman, Batgirl and Robin.

Batgirl Versus the Joker
I apparently have a rather sadistic sense of humor, I also took a picture of the Joker menacing Robin with a crowbar but figured that was too much. 

Something worth noting, despite the fact that there have been over twenty different Batman Lego kits over the years this is the first ever Batgirl mini-figure. There have been a few different Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quin figures as well as a single Wonder Woman but no Batgirl up until now.

The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
The steam roller is utterly absurd and kind of hilarious.
The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
How long did the kit take me to build? I didn’t really time it I put on a couple of episodes of the old-school Batman the Animated Series and half focused on watching/half focused on building. I was particularly impressed with the steam roller once it was built as it’s pretty big.
The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
Joker’s last stand.
The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
I question the design of the Batwing, the box/comic advertises that you can catch the bad guys with it like this but there are few flaws with that theory first look at the poor bastard up there he is about to get a face full of missiles also wouldn’t this thing be moving pretty fast? One wrong move in the catching maneuver and Batman may inadvertently break his anti-killing sentiment.

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