Pullip Kuhn

Late last week  I had a mysterious new arrival from JPGroove, of course it would be the mysterious magician who would show up so mysteriously. It seems, if something shows up without explanation my first reaction is to assume I’m supposed to play with and photograph it. I’m beyond thrilled to have the chance to play with this enigmatic little darling especially since she was at the tippity top of my wishlist.
Pullip Kuhn is part of the Creator’s Label line where Groove partners with different doll customizers from around the world to produce a doll based on the customizer’s design. I previously blogged about her in passing when she announced, which you can read here. Kuhn was based on a design by Mitsubachi@BabyBee x CrankyGel, Mitsubachi@BabyBee designed the doll while the outfit was designed by CrankyGel. Kuhn has a sexy magician theme. Groove previously partnered with Cranky Gel and Tokyo Rose for the Creator’s Label release Bloody Red Hood.  Honestly as much as I like variety and would love to see Groove work with different customizers, if the results are this stunningly gorgeous every time I wouldn’t mind seeing future collaboration dolls from Mistubachi@BabyBee and CrankyGel.

Pullip Kuhn is a Groove shop exclusive ie. as of right now you can only buy her direct from Groove. Mine was sent to me courtesy of JPGroove.com . She is priced at $130.

I am Magician and ‘’BOLD’’ is my name.Power like a lotus in muck…. You call that magic.No matter how difficult the path, I will breeze right through it.I cannot be hurt. I fear nothing….Feel Like So.

Pullip Kuhn in the box.
Pullip Kuhn Pullip Kuhn Pullip Kuhn

Pullip Kuhn comes with a very large hat, jacket, bra, bloomers, a skirt with a deconstructed train, two pairs of socks, boots, a small demonic figure known as Hennako as well as the standard stand (black) and card. Kuhn’s stock is pretty nice quality, I especially love her deconstructed train and her gigantic hat. For those of you concerned with such things, the fur around Kuhn’s collar is fake. Kuhn’s wig is nice quality, very silky it’s a nice color too.

Kuhn came completely cocooned in plastic to help prevent staining from her dark colored stock, her head was the only thing not wrapped in plastic. The jacket is unfortunately a stain monster and will stain the dolls hands which would be a shame as she has such pretty painted nails luckily Requiemart has a how to color-fast doll clothing guide here which I used to color-fast this one’s jacket.

Pullip Kuhn
Kuhn’s promotional photos seem to picture her with grey eyes but she actually came with pale greenish blue eyes, I actually prefer the eyes she came with versus the ones used in the promotional photos but am unsure as to why they were changed. Kuhn is absolutely gorgeous she has smokey eye make up, delicate eyebrows and blushy cheeks. I love the color of her lips, she has a line or split down the middle of her lower lip that wasn’t as noticeable in the promotional photos as it is real life but I actually really like it mostly because it’s different and not something I’ve personally seen before. Kuhn comes with earrings besides the obvious Girl with a Pearl Earring, I can’t actually recall the last Pullip to come with earrings.
Close of Kuhn’s tattoo. I believe Kuhn is the first Pullip to have a tattoo besides Tokidoki Luna whose tattoos were something you applied yourself. I actually like the tattoo though I feel like the placement was a bit problematic, it’s on her lower abdomen so you can’t see all of it unless she is not wearing her skirt/shorts and while she may be a flashy magician I think she would take some offense to being displayed without her skirt/pants on.
I really like that her stock is sexy without being vulgar, she has to be a little flashy she is a magician after all. It’s nice to see Groove do something really different with the stock every now and again, Kuhn really stands out from the endless sea of cute lolita-style releases .
I nicknamed Kuhn Abra. When Kuhn was very first announced I was in the process of reading  Doctor Sleep the recently released sequel to The Shining by Stephen King, one of the villains is named Rose the hat who has a large hat that she wears at an impossible angle. I had intentions of naming Kuhn after her until I realized I already had a few dolls with Rose in their name so I decided to use one of the protagonist’s Abra names for Kuhn instead. It worked not only as being a literary reference but as a reference to Abracadabra, a magical incantation that is used pretty frequently in magic shows or hell I’ve seen it used pretty frequently in cartoons when a character uses magic.
I chose to take a couple of pictures of Kuhn without her jacket on, I think she looks a tad bare without though her bra top is quite cute.
I really love her color scheme mostly black with a splash of red in the details. She would probably look amazing rewigged in red, that would really make all the details pop.
This was one of the first pictures I took of Abra after I deboxed her, it’s also my personal favorite of all the photos I have taken of her. I love how it shows off her deconstructed train. Myra’s chair has gone on to become an infinitely useful photography prop (reminds me I still need to upload photos of her ^^;).
Abra pulling a white rabbit out of her hat!
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is a staple for magicians!Abra pulled a certain white rabbit out of her hat.
She has such pretty eyelids, my photos don’t begin to do them justice they are gradient going from a light brown to almost black AND they are shiny. They complement her color scheme beautifully.
Believe it or not, even more photos of Pullip Kuhn can be found on my flickr with more still to come! If you happen to fall in love with Pullip Kuhn remember that she is available exclusively directly from Groove, you can get your own Pullip Kuhn here.
A very special thank you to JPGroove for sending me Kuhn to play with!

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2 Responses to Pullip Kuhn

  1. Lisa Wight says:

    Nahh-Ato has earrings.

    • kleintoys says:

      Nahh-ato, Oren, Papin, Nero, Sabrina, Holly, Nomado and I’m sure others have earrings do to that was just off the top of my head, it used to be pretty common the point is that it is pretty rare for a Pullip to have pierced ears these days as not many of the new releases have them.

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