MIO (Make it Own) Pullip Line- First Look

Exciting news everyone last weekend, GrooveUSA contacted me! They asked me a few questions and thanked me for the review I had written up about the new MIO line (which you can read here), if you haven’t heard already the new Make It Own or MIO line is a customizer’s dream come true! MIO is a line of things to customize Pullip with ranging from things like shoes and outfits to eyechips, wigs and bodies; of course, the most anticipated item is the blank doll customization kits where you get a complete blank doll (eye mech and all) with some assembly required. I can not stress how amazing this is, I love customs but finding bait dolls to customize is often hard due to competition as everyone needs baits because they want customs too. Of course, you could just take any pre-existing doll and wipe the face up off but then you run the risk of choosing the wrong doll then wouldn’t you know that would be the doll that explodes in popularity  six months later, sells out and doubles in value.

I mentioned that Groove had asked me some questions, one of the questions was if I might like a blank Pullip kit to review here and post up a “how to guide” about. Of course, I said yes! They also said they would send me some of the wigs and eye chips (which was a bit baffling as I didn’t even know that eye chips were being offered as a part of the line). This morning, the package from GrooveUSA arrived….and just wow, I got a lot more than I ever could have expected or dreamed of.
MIO Stuff

Very thorough reviews of all the items will be forthcoming but I will share some quick thoughts and first impressions about the items before I start taking them apart to review them.
MIO Boxes
Front and back view of the kit boxes (don’t worry I’ll post up close ups of all the boxes when I review them). Taeyang is in the green box, Isul in the blue box, Pullip is in the pink box and Dal is in the orange box. No word yet on if there will ever be a byul kit.
Back of MIO Boxes
The kits each include a disassembled doll including head, body, eye mech and even some blank eye chips (also screws to put it all together). All of the kits I received are described as having natural skin though are quite pale. The kits have a MSRP of 3800 yen each, Pullipstyle just listed them up for preorder today on their website for $35 each.

Since I was told to expect a Pullip, I already have a plan for customizing  her and I had a pre-existing plan for a custom Dal so I know what I will be doing with her as well. Honestly,  I’m not quite sure what I will be customization-wise with the boys just yet.
MIO Stuff
Bodies, wigs, eyes, shoes etc.  Again all of the bodies are described as being natural skin but appear to be quite pale, it makes me wonder how pale bodies could possibly be. Somehow I never really noticed how bulky Taeyang is compared to the other dolls. I rather like the wig boxes it’s a neat way to package the wigs.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Happiness Chiffon dress which I actually really like in person (though I still prefer the nerd set which I totally just ordered). The shoes are all amazing in person! The eye chips which I did not even know existed before now come two pairs in a package and have a MSRP of 1400 yen and there are three different sets.

As of right now, everything but the blank doll kits is available via preorder at GrooveUSA and the blank doll kits are available for preorder via Pullipstyle.

If there is anything in particular you would like me to cover in the reviews please leave a comment here! I already plan on doing everything from seeing if the various shoes will fit obitsu to doing full comparisons with the blank body kits.

I also want to thank a moment to thank GrooveUSA for generously sending me all this awesome stuff to review! 

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9 Responses to MIO (Make it Own) Pullip Line- First Look

  1. kewpie83 says:

    This sounds pretty awesome!!

  2. kkwaltz says:

    I should’ve picked these up sooner, it looks like they might be discontinued 😦

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