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Batman: Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit

I went to go see the Lego Movie a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed it so much so that I decided to buy a Lego Movie kit specifically the Cuckoo Palace. Unfortunately at least in my area it … Continue reading

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150/365- Memorial Day Toy Soldiers

I’m posting this up here a few days late unfortunately ^^; For Memorial Day, I decided to utilize my Lego Toy Story Army Men on Patrol set for the picture of the day. It’s really kind of a double-whammy because … Continue reading

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Love that Joker <3

I had mentioned in passing that my Joker collection had already outgrown it’s space again well I moved it again last night. The worst part is this isn’t even all of it (I own more Joker figures they just haven’t … Continue reading

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Recent Build- Harley Quinn Lego Kit

So I have a backlog of kits I have not been building mainly Gundams (I have over 20 kits in my to build pile) but I also had a lego kit sitting around since Christmas that I hadn’t built yet. I … Continue reading

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