Pullip Akemi

Pullip Akemi recently arrived via Pullipstyle, unfortunately she arrived during Thanksgiving week so I haven’t had the chance to blog her until now what with slightly insane relatives being about. Pullip Akemi is part of the Creator’s Label series, she was made in partnership with Vanessa Cordero of Sheryl’s Designs.  She is a Spanish Pullip collector and has been customizing Pullips since 2006. You can see all of her truly wonderful custom Pullip creations on her flickr. This marks the first time Groove has partnered with an international customizer to release a doll in the Creator’s Label series.

I was cautiously optimistic about this release, she reminds me of an updated version of my all-time favorite Pullip release ever Papin so of course I was excited. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself though as the last release I was super excited about Luna the Tokidoki collaboration I ended up kind of disappointed.  I’m quite happy to say that Pullip Akemi is even more amazing in person than she is in pictures and that I would recommend her to anyone and everyone willing to listen without hesitation.

I’m the one to lead because I follow my own dreams.I love how I am, I wear what I want and I don’t care what they say….Feel Like So.

Pullip Akemi in the box
Pullip Akemi Pullip Akemi Pullip Akemi

Pullip Akemi stock consists of a sweater with removable panel, a dress, headphones, a hat, a scarf, shoes (same mold as Pullip Raphia’s) and a pair of thigh high socks as well as a pair of floppy socks that she wears over them. Akemi is the second Pullip to come with a set of headphones, Pullip Assa who came out way back in 2005 came with a much more basic set of headphones compared to Akemi’s stylish headphones. She also comes with the standard card and stand (white).

I’m also happy to report that her wig is nice quality and very silky, I love the style and the color though find myself wishing it was just a tad more voluminous.
Pullip Akemi
I just adore her colorful face up and she has such delicate little eyebrows. Akemi is heterochromic which means she has two different eye colors (one pink, one blue).  I’m normally not a fan of eye shadow under the eye but I feel like it really works for Akemi. She is such a unique and colorful girl.


I quickly realized that I wasn’t entirely fond of the baggy sweater look on Akemi but that the middle section of the sweater is actually a removable panel and the two sleeve sections can be zippered to each other behind Akemi’s back. Now she is just perfection.
I named my Akemi, Ritalin Danger it’s a bit random but it was the first thing that popped into my head when she arrived and it seemed to fit her so that’s how she ended up with that name. I think I may just be out of even half-way normal sounding names at this point.
Her clothes were inspired by Japanese street fashion. I love the pink/blue color scheme with the mix of different patterns.
Akemi is just too sweet. She almost reminds me of cotton candy with her color scheme, she definitely makes me think of candies/sweets.
Akemi has really special eyelids, most of the time Pullip eyelids just have a bit of eyeliner on them with some releases having a eye shadow in a solid color on them but those releases seem to be few and far between. I do believe Akemi is the first Pullip ever to come with multi-colored eyelids like this and they complement her wonderfully.
More photos of the lovely Akemi on my flickr. Akemi is available for purchase at Pullipstyle here

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