Pullip Kuhn is now available for preorder at JPGroove!

Pullip Kuhn is now up for preorder at JPGroove for $130 plus shipping, she is expected to be in stock next week. She is part of the Creator’s Label series and is a collaboration between Groove and  Mitsubachi@BabyBee x CrankyGel. CrankyGel previously collaborated with Tokyo Rose and Groove with another Creator’s Label series doll the gorgeous and very popular Bloody Red Hood Pullip (you can see my pics of her here).
I am Magician and ‘’BOLD’’ is my name.Power like a lotus in muck…. You call that magic.No matter how difficult the path, I will breeze right through it.I cannot be hurt. I fear nothing….Feel Like So.

Kuhn has a sexy magician theme and I am absolutely in love with her! Oh how I want this mysterious beauty. Unfortunately it’s getting towards the end of the year when I need to cut off my doll buying so I can start focusing on Christmas stuff. I’m very tempted to make her my last doll of the year (Akemi is already preordered so she doesn’t count), the only thing holding me back from preordering her right this moment is the rumored Doll Carnival exclusive. I absolutely love the pictures that I’ve seen if she even is the doll, and I have no idea how expensive she is going to end up being. 
p106_7 (1)
As of right now she is being listed as JPGroove shop exclusive, so it seems that Pullipstyle may not be able to offer her at this time.

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