January Pullip Releases Announced

Groove has revealed January Pullip releases. They are a triple collaboration between Groove (doll) x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (lolita clothing company) and Mido Misa (models Fukasawa Midori & Aoki Misako whose appearance the Pullip releases are based upon). Confused yet? You are not alone.

Jan releases
There are a few other dolls slated for release in January including Byul Fata, Isul Vermelho from the Mansion of the Immortal series and Pang-ju Darjeeling-Pang but no promotional photos have become available of them yet. As soon as photos surface of the other January releases I’ll post about them as well.

Jan release
January’s Pullip release is Aoki Misako, she is named after and based upon the Japanese model of the same name. She is wearing the Favorite Ribbon dress by clothing brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.A human sized version of the Favorite Ribbon dress was released earlier this year as a special collaboration between Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Misako.  Misako has said that the inspiration for the collaboration was that ” I’d like to make a dress using a ribbon with BABY’s logo” source . Misako also comes with a nurse outfit. She has a MSRP of 18000 yen. I’ll just refer to the doll as Misa from now on.
Jan release
I really love the style of the dress, I’m less thrilled with the colors, especially since I found out that the human sized variation of this dress was available in black as well as two-tone blue. I would have loved the dark blue ribbon paired with light blue instead of the pink/red.
Jan release
I can’t really see her eye make up that well but she looks to have a sweet face up. It also looks a bit too familiar, it looks too similar to some previous releases for my tastes.
jan release
Close up of the head bow.
jan release
Misa comes with a second outfit, it is a pink nurse uniform. I actually think it’s really cute. It makes me wish that Groove would release a larger size version of Little Pullip Bohso and Little Dal Neiryo.

The other Pullip release for January is Fukasawa Midori, the Pullip is named after and based upon the Japanese model of the same name. She is wearing La robe vert clair fashion by clothing company Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Earlier this year, a human sized version of the same dress as on the Pullip was released by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in collaboration with Midori the tagline for the collaboration was  “Made for a lolita, by a lolita” source. Pullip Midori has a MSRP of 18,000 yen. Henceforth the Pullip shall be referred to as Mido.
I actually quite like the dress on her, I love the style and I love the color; I even adore the tiny little crown headdress.
The giant bow sash thing which I could live without is supposedly detachable though it was not shown detached in any of the promotional photos.
I like her face up better than Misa’s but I wish there were some better pictures of it available so I could see it more clearly. From what I can see it looks like a very sweet face up.

mido misa
This was a teaser picture of released on Babyssb blog of Pullips Mido and Misa with their human inspirations.

Verdict: I would like to see better pictures before making a final decision as the dolls have quite a hefty price tag (triple collaboration = expensive doll) but I am quite fond of Mido so I think I can safely assume that she will join my crew eventually. I’m less sure about Misa.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lolita, I just collect dolls so my knowledge of lolita is somewhat limited so please forgive me if I got some of the terminology wrong. I have nothing against lolita clothing, I love looking at it and think it looks beyond adorable I just don’t wear dresses. I tried my best!

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2 Responses to January Pullip Releases Announced

  1. Amelia says:

    I agree that Midori doll is much more intricate and adorable~ here’s the humans wearing the dresses!

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