I will be busy this weekend for an unknown reason (Arkham Origins)

The “Take all my Money” or the Collector’s edition of Arkham Origins arrived yesterday morning. I’m a huge Batman fan and I loved the previous two games, Arkham Asylum & Askham City so needless to say, I will be busy this weekend. Before I abandon you all for the weekend, I’d thought I’d leave you with some pictures of the Joker statue that comes with the Collector’s Edition that I took this morning.

I preordered the Collector’s edition for $119.95 via Amazon and it arrived at 9:23 am on release day. While I’d love to go to a midnight release it isn’t really that practical anymore for me as I have a five year old little girl… speaking of which guess who is dressing up as Batman this year? Zilla (Why would I want to dress up as Batgirl, mom? Batman’s cooler!).
Arkham Origins Joker
This figure is huge measuring in at 9″ x 13″ x 11.5″ . The TVs actually light up but the pictures with the TVs on didn’t turn out and honestly they didn’t look that great ^^;
Arkham Origins Joker
I’m very pleased with the Joker himself, he is sculpted really well and is a great representation of the character in the game.
Top View
View from above- The level of detail on this figure is really rather impressive, the carpet is textured sculpting it must have been a nightmare. The fruitcake is also realized in frightening detail, what am I the only one who is slightly terrified of fruitcake? I’m never sure if I should be thankful or swear a vendetta against anyone who tries to give me that stuff for Christmas.

The Collector’s Edition came with a bunch of other stuff too but really I just bought it versus the regular edition for the Joker figure ^^;

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