Nightmare X Pullip (err Taeyang) Collaboration

For those of you who don’t know, Nightmare is a Japanese visual kei rock band. Even if you don’t happen to follow visual kei but happen to be an anime fan, you may just recognize some of their work  as two of their songs “The World” and “Alumina” have appeared in the anime Death Note. I personally recognized their name because their single “”Raison d’Etre” was used as the opening for the anime Claymore.

Recently Groove did a collaboration with the band and released a LE500 set of all of five dolls based on the band….
The Band: Sakito (lead guitar & backing vocals), Ni~ya (bass & backing vocals), Yomi (lead vocals), Ruka (drums & percussion) and Hitsugi (rhythm guitar)
The Dolls: Sakito, Ni~ya, Yomi, Ruka and Hitsugi

Information about the set: The dolls were released in June. Sakito, Ni~ya, Ruka and Hitsugi are all Taeyangs while Yomi is an Isul. Each of the dolls is a limited edition of 500, the original MSRP for the dolls was 18000 yen each.

I’d said Groove did a pretty good job capturing the band’s likeness, granted I was very fortunate to find a photo of them that they seemed to be wearing similar outfits as the dolls. I really dislike that Groove only ever released the one promotional shot of this set and that it wasn’t the clearest shot of all the dolls as it really didn’t do the dolls justice.  Personally I favor Ruka but all of the dolls are well done, not just as representations of the band but as fairly unique dolls. I love it when Groove steps outside of their comfort zone and takes a bit of a risk like this.

A very limited number of all five dolls are currently available as a set at Pullipstyle- here . At this time Yomi, Hitsugi and Ni~ya are also available separately unfortunately Ruka and Sakito are only available if you buy the set (why is it always one of the ones I want that can only be acquired as a part of a set T_T).

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2 Responses to Nightmare X Pullip (err Taeyang) Collaboration

  1. metalbeauty says:

    just sayin’, rhythm guitar’s name is Hitsugi. ^^
    i didn’t even know about those dolls!
    now i want them. ._. lol

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