Pullip Ally

Pullip Ally is a special Pullip model that was released to commemorate Pullip’s tenth anniversary. Ally was released back in August, she has the special low price of 8000 yen ($80 in the US), which was the same price that Pullip was when she was first released over ten years ago. Pullip Ally is only available for purchase through Groove’s website, I ordered mine through Groove’s US store JPGroove and she arrived last week.

Ally is the picture of simple yet stylish elegance. Ally seems like she designed with the idea of being the perfect starter Pullip in mind (lower cost doll yet not as bare bones as the My Select dolls) though she would make a great addition to just about any Pullip family!
A simple dress and brightly shining blond hair….That’s all I need to be wonderful….Feel Like So.

Ally Ally in the box Ally
Pullip Ally comes with a simple dress, an oversized hair bow, a simple pair of heels as well as a card and a stand. Her dress is a really cute concept, I absolutely love the color scheme the stark contrast of the black and white with the splashes of pink. Unfortunately when I saw it in person I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with the quality of the dress. I’m not sure if I just happened to get a bad one or not but the sewing on one of the seams was not very well done. Though I would not have personally chose this color for her wig (I would have gone with something that matched her eyebrows), I must say it is very soft and not frizzy.
Ally face up
I absolutely love her piercing blue eyes. Her face up in general is quite sweet, I especially love how her pink lips are done.
Face up Comparison: Kiyomi & Ally
I was asked for a comparison shot of Kiyomi and Ally as several people felt that they looked similar to each other. I hadn’t really thought of comparing the two to each other on my own so I’m glad someone suggested it. While they do share some similar stock elements like eye shape, they also differ quite a bit Kiyomi’s eye make up is a lot more detailed than Ally’s.  I actually prefer Ally’s face up to Kiyomi’s as I prefer Ally’s eye make up with it’s pink tones versus Kiyomi’s more golden tones. I think the two would make excellent sisters.
Pullip Ally
Ally looks like she has a lot of great potential for rewigging/rechipping she looks like she would be very versatile and a lot of different colors would work on her. Personally I think she is gorgeous stock but I appreciate it when a doll has versatility.
The bow though ridiculously oversized is actually pretty neat, it is wired so it is somewhat poseable. I love the polka dot pattern on the bow, I almost wish her entire dress was polka dotted like it is.

Pullip Ally
I ended up deciding to redress my Ally, here she is wearing a mix of Barbie clothing and stock Pullip clothing (Peter Pan’s leggings).
Pullip Ally
I couldn’t resist taking a photo with Ally’s eyes closed so she could show off her pretty eyelids. Her eyelids are a lovely, shimmery white.
Pullip Ally
More pictures of Ally on my Flickr.

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2 Responses to Pullip Ally

  1. Joichi says:

    Pretty Ally! I also quite like her pink tone eyeshadows, that’s a pity about her dress quality though. That’s so cute, I noticed she has a white base stand! ^^

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