Wilhelmena the Witch Pullip

Pullip Wilhelmena was released in June of this year but I didn’t actually manage to get mine until mid-August. Wilhelmena is the second witch-themed Pullip  release, the original witch pullip was the limited Banshee who was released back in 2011 (if you are so inclined you can read my review of her here and/or buy her at Pullipstyle here ) whereas Banshee was a cute witch Wilhelmena is quite scary.

Upon seeing promotional photos of Wilhelmena I was initially very excited about her until I noticed her price (her MSRP is  ¥16000) which kind of put me off a little, luckily I found a  good deal on her (I paid roughly $100) and I’m glad I did as I absolutely love her! I have to say though I was reluctant at first to pay the full price for her  knowing what I know now and how thoroughly impressed I was with her quality that I would gladly buy her again at MSRP if I didn’t have her already as she is totally worth it.
Abracadabra!! I will make you mine with this magic Spell!! …. Feel Like So.
I named her Fairuza after Fairuza Balk who played a witch in the film The Craft which was quite popular back when I was like in middle school. Somehow Fairuza just sounds like a witchy name, so it works for me.

Normally, I like to share box shots as they show what the doll comes with and how the doll is packaged unfortunately I don’t have any box shots to offer of Wilhelmenia as I bought her in two parts (nude doll and stock).
Wilhelmina stock
Since I wasn’t able to do box shots this time around, I did do a shot of her laid out stock. Her stock is really nice quality, it’s definitely one of the nicest quality Pullip stocks I’ve ever handled. She comes with a broom which is a cute accessory but quality-wise is kind of lame.
Wilhelmena has quite a unique face up. Pullips all more of less have the same headmold (generally when they change bodies, the facemold changes the difference is pretty slight with the most noticeable switch was being the type 3 to the type 4 body) but Groove has become quite good at subtly reshaping Pullip’s face via paint. Wilhelmena’s lips have the same mold as all the other recent era Pullip’s but Groove painted them a bit differently than normal so they appear much fuller than the lips on any of the other Pullips.

I love her face up with the slightly large eyebrows, the full lips and the intense eye make up. Her eyechips are even pretty cool even if they wouldn’t have been my first choice (I’d have probably gone with a similar style but like matching her color scheme more).
Wilhelmena is one of the most creative pullips released in a while, Groove really went out of their way to make her quite special.
I love how wicked and gothic Wilhelmena looks.
Wilhelmena actually has a two-tone wig, it’s a mix between red and brown lately this style of mixed color wigs has become quite popular. The wig is really nice soft and nice quality.
I’m definitely glad I took a chance on her, Wilhelmena is a very unique girl with an awesome stock outfit. More photos available of the bewitching Wilhelmina are available on my flickr.

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2 Responses to Wilhelmena the Witch Pullip

  1. Jane Chérie says:

    I remember that witch movie with Fairuza Balk! It was scary and disturbing LOL Fairuza is totally the name for your Witch Pullip! Her face-up is impressive. You got a good deal by buying her body and stock separately!!!

    • kleintoys says:

      I quite liked the film when I was younger though it’s probably been a good ten years or so since the last time I saw the film. Her name does seem to work for Wilhelmenia. just happened to get lucky and find a deal with her.

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