Halloween Limited Pullip Banshee

The Halloween limited edition Pullip Banshee and Isul Sith arrived yesterday from Pullipstyle. I have been anxiously awaiting the pair since they were announced back in August especially since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I decided to photograph Banshee yesterday as I ordered her first, I photographed Sith today so I’ll probably blog his photos tomorrow.
296/365 Morrigan
After much thought I decided to name her Morrigan after a goddess in Irish folklore. Morrigan  is the goddess of battle, strife and fertility but she has also been linked with  banshees in later legends/writings.

Banshee in the box Banshee in the box Banshee in the box
Banshee comes dressed as a cute witch for Halloween, her stock really isn’t that versatile but I really love the color scheme and since as I already mentioned I love Halloween I don’t mind it all. The quality is pretty nice for pullip, she does come with a cute skeletal plush and a witch hat but other than that she didn’t come with much extras (a cauldron or something would have been nice especially considering the price).
Banshee Face Up
Banshee’s eye make up is really lovely, reminds me a bit of some of the Rozen Maiden Pullip eye make up since they are still some of my favorite pullips I’m really drawn to them. The eye chips are a nice touch, they aren’t overly done up like some of the eyes they used in the vampire set. Oh, those lips I can’t simply get over how gorgeous they are.  I love the mix of pink and orange on her lips, I wouldn’t have thought the combination of the two colors would work but they really look great together.
The plush she comes with is a little bizarre but it is also kind of cute in it’s one way, kind of reminds of some of the Skelanimals-like plushes I have seen pop up at Hot Topic over the years.
I love the lacing on the front of her dress, it’s a nice little touch.
She has pretty purple eyelids. Morrigan
Some additional pictures of Morrigan on my Flickr.

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3 Responses to Halloween Limited Pullip Banshee

  1. Oli Dolly says:

    OMG I love her !! She is a really cute Pullip, I especially love her eyes and her hair !! I wanna buy her soon, she’s in my top 3 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry for such a late response!

      Thanks so much ❤ She is definitely a very unique girl, I know you will love her!

  2. Edhola says:

    I love pullip Banshee !!
    I’m so in love with her lips, amazing !

    You’re lucky ^^

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