Nurse Natalie Dal

Nurse Natalie has actually been here  since late July, unfortunately I haven’t had much time for photography lately due to events in my personal life. Now that things have calmed a bit for the moment, I am hoping to be able to focus more time and energy both on this site and on photography in general.

Natalie is a Gothic Lolita themed nurse Dal and she was released in April of this year. I tend to like things that are cute yet slightly disturbing at the same time so this release was definitely a must have for me!

I purchased Natalie from Pullipstyle, she actually arrived alongside Pullip Supergirl who I’ve already blogged here.
It’s not scary so don’t run away… don’t cry even if it hurts… I’ll treat you!!
I decided to name her Annie after the character Annie Wilkes from Stephen King’s book Misery who was a rather unhinged nurse with a passion for romance novels.

IMG_7458 IMG_7457 IMG_7455
Natalie is all about stark contrasts, her nurse outfit is white with touches of red and she has black hair it all balances out quite nicely. Her outfit is nicely made but the fabric is kind of plastic-y though I imagine it would make it kind of easier to wash all the blood off of nurse’s uniform if it was made of that material. She comes with a blood splattered poncho which is one of the most awesome stock clothing items from a Pullip family member yet. Her wig is nice quality especially considering it is a curly wig which can generally be rather hit or miss.  I found the two loose tendrils of hair a bit annoying so I eventually took down her pigtails and redid them tucked the tendrils in to the pigtails this time.
Natalie face up
Natalie’s face up is quite nice, I especially love her eye make up. I also really love her lips which are simply a lovely color (the color almost looks like dried blood) and the eyelids match and it just balances the face out really nicely. At first I wasn’t sure about the brown eyes but after really thinking about it, I think they suit her the best… if they had gone with like effects eye chips (like red with little skulls in them) it would have been too over the top and I can’t think of any other natural color that would suit her better than the brown she came in.
Natalie is one of my all-time favorite dal releases, I think she is one of the best thought out releases and everything about her is just perfect.
Natalie came with a stethoscope, previously Byul Pinoko came with one as well. Personally I would have preferred it if Natalie came with a more sinister accessory such as a bloody surgical mask to match her blood splattered poncho or maybe a gigantic needle…
Since she is a sinister nurse and I am rather terrified of needles, I decided she really did need an over-sized needle so I ordered some syringe pens so I could use them as photo props for Natalie.
Some additional pictures of Natalie on my flickr, of course you could always get your own Natalie at Pullipstyle.

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8 Responses to Nurse Natalie Dal

  1. Bea Jai says:

    I can’t help it, I’m adding her to my wish list. Good thing Groove is swaying from sweet lolita and exploring other types. n.n And it fits Dal perfectly! I can’t quite imagine her theme on a Pullip.
    Thanks for the review!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m always happy when Groove strays from the ordinary path a bit and takes a chance with a lovely girl like this one. I’m not sure how well this theme would work for a Pullip, but it sure does suit Dal!

  2. Jane Chérie says:

    She is SCARY! But I guess in a cute way. Her theme is done nicely here but I agree with you on the accessory. They could have done much better! Your syringe/pen was perfect!

  3. Charlotte Pierrot says:

    Just fyi, but her style is more guro lolita, which is a different substyle than gothic lolita. Guro, or grotesque, lolita is basically a blood-splattered and/or injured lolita, much like Annie. ^u^

    • kleintoys says:

      I must admit I’m not the biggest lolita expert, Groove had previously described her as Gothic Lolita so that was the description I went with. I do like her style even if I don’t know the proper name for it.

      • Charlotte Pierrot says:

        Sorry if I came off as offensive or anything! The different lolita substyles aren’t common knowledge… ^^;

    • kleintoys says:

      No worries ^_^ I just went with what Groove said as I figured it was the safest route. I love looking at Lolita stuff but I wouldn’t know wear to begin in as far as different styles etc. Thanks 😀

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