Dog Days- Millhiore Nendoroid & Petanko

Though I am not the biggest fan of the anime Dog Days, I find myself unable to resist merchandise of the super adorable Millhiore F. Biscotti. After thinking about it for a long time, last summer I actually acquired her Dollfie Dream Sister head and because I wasn’t that attached to her as the anime character I transformed her into a MDD. Millhi has gone on the become one of my favorite DDs, I love her so much I have actually considered buying a second one to keep as the anime character.

I just very recently decided to pick up a few figures of Millhiore even if the show wasn’t my particular cup of tea, I absolutely love her character design plus all her figures always seem to have the most irresistible,  infectious smile. Everything is finally here and photographed, I figured it was time for a post focusing on Millhiore.
Millhiore F. Biscotti
From left to right: The nendoroid, the nendoroid plus charm (otherwise known as that which is not being featured in this post) and the Petanko

MillhioreMillhiore as a nendoroid is quite impressive, she actually comes Harlan her Cercle (the chocobo looking bird she is sitting on). It admittedly took some patience to get her to sit on Harlan just right but nendoroids can be a pain at posing in general sometimes with all their fiddly little bits.
Harlan is articulated too and is fairly poseable. I was quite impressed with her really as I had never seen anything quite like her before with a nendoroid, I almost want to get the nendoroid of Leo as well just so I can have a Daumas toy to play with as well.
The little sad face melts my heart.
MillhioreShe is cute even with closed eyes.
The one thing that drove me absolutely mad about this nendoroid was one of her hair ribbons would not stay on. I would have her posed on Harlan and it would just pop off, I would try and fix it and Harlan would tumble followed by a long string of expletives out of my mouth. I finally gave up and just glued the damn thing back on to prevent future headaches.
Millhiore F. Biscotti
In my recent rather voracious hunt for all things Madoka, I came across these mysterious figures known as Petanko made by the Penguin Parade company.  The Petanko appeared to be roughly the same size as nendoroid but were not really articulated, I was intrigued by the full Madoka set but due to the price (12500 yen plus an unfathomable amount for shipping) I was kind of hesitant to spend that much on an unknown type of figure. When I bought some nendoroids recently, I decided to buy a Petanko as well so I could at least see one myself in person and judge whether or not going through the expense would be worth it. After careful consideration, I narrowed my decision as to who would be the test subject to two choices Millhiore and Kirino of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai obviously I chose Millhiore (but I ended up buying Kirino too).
MSRP for the Petanko is 2500 yen, the nendoroid is 4286 yen but I managed to snag my Petanko on sale for 1500 yen. If I could only choose one, I would go with the nendoroid as well she comes with Harlan and is articulated and  articulated things appeal to me a lot more (the Petanko’s only articulation point is the head which can move side to side) that isn’t to say that Petanko isn’t absolutely adorable. I quite like the Petanko and she is fantastic at what she does best just sitting there looking cute! She is so good at it in fact that is quite literally sitting on top of my desktop monitor and being adorable as we speak.

As to whether or not I’ll be getting the Madoka set? I guess it’ll depend on whether or not I get lucky or not and find it at Anime Boston, if I am not lucky I think rather than paying the obscene shipping charge (CDJapan quoted me 6500 yen T_T) for the full box set I may just buy Madoka and Mami.

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2 Responses to Dog Days- Millhiore Nendoroid & Petanko

  1. belu says:

    Hi! I loved your post! I have the same problem, as you say “I was kind of hesitant to spend that much on an unknown type of figure”. I want to buy Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate) petanko, but I don’t know anything about petankos. I don’t care if it isn’t articulated, just want to know if the quality is similar to nendoroids (details, plastic, painting). What do you think? 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      Personally if I could only get the nendoroid or the petanko, I’d choose the nendoroid as they are a bit more versatile with their swapable faceplates etc. If you already have the nendoroid though and are looking to expand your collection, I say go for it they are quite cute and the quality at least on the two I have is pretty nice.

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