Arrival- Pullip Regeneration Principessa

To celebrate the New Year, Groove offered a FUKUBUKURO or lucky bag event through their website. The Lucky Bags consisted of various dolls from the Pullip family; the buyer got to choose which dolls they received and were available in two, three, four or eight doll quantities. Those lucky enough to buy the eight doll lucky bag also got to pick one doll off a rare doll list.

When I initially heard about the event, I honestly did not think the bags would be quite so lucky and would only consist of mostly undesirable dolls so I didn’t plan on ordering anything. When I saw the list of available Pullips it was already too late for me to order the eight doll option as I may have ordered a doll from Latidoll’s Snow Queen ordering period and wouldn’t you know it Fairyland just released a new LE Littlefee that I had to have so my petty fund was pretty much already cleared out. Luckily, somehow I was able to put together the funding for a three doll lucky bag which arrived today. My three choices were Victorique, Pulliphine and Regeneration Principessa.
9/365 Re: Princi

Regeneration Principessa Re: Principessa Regeneration Principessa
Regeneration Principessa comes with the same stuff as the original more or less, the only difference is that she now comes with the updated plastic stand and this time she actually comes with a card. I will say her wig does seem a bit softer than the originals but that could just be because the original is now eight plus years old.
Regeneration Principessa
Face up
Principessa face up comparison with regeneration
Comparison with the original release of Principessa.
Re: Principessa stock
Principessa’s stock, it’s worth noting yet again that they were kind of lazy and did not redo the shoe mold, Principessa’s shoes were originally meant for a type 2 body which had much larger geet so it they are a bit big for type 4 Pullip.
I had been wanting Re: Principessa for a while but had been hesitant to pay the $120 or so she goes for especially since I had only paid about $150 for my original MIB Principessa. I’m really glad that Groove offered her as one of the choices for the Lucky Bag and I was able to get her for a lot more cheaper (roughly $65). I’m very happy to finally have her.

Both the Regeneration of Noir and Principessa suffer a bit from losing a bit of their gothic edge in translation to a regeneration. Re: Princi is still a very pretty doll but she seems to lack the malevolence of the original…. at least while in her stock.
That’s better.
Some additional pictures of Re: Princi on my flickr

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