DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn

A fairly large sized package arrived this morning from Bigbadtoystore, the most interesting item contained within was the lovely DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn figure by Kotobukiya. Hopefully I will be able to photograph her alongside Gotham City Sirens alums Poison Ivy and Catwoman  who have already been released in the DC x Bishoujo line soon (I have Batgirl too).
DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
I am a huge fan of Harley Quinn so of course, I was powerless to resist her even though I had some misgivings about the promo photos luckily they decided to include a painted face plate (ie. white) as well as the normal faceplate. I loved the painted face plate so much that I didn’t even bother photographing her with the other one even though it is the default.

DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
I love the level of detail on Harley’s outfit,  the poofballs on her collar and her the ruffles on her gloves are especially well done.
DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
I’m still not the biggest fan of how the faces of Shunya’s illustrations translate from 2d to 3d but I will say that I like Harley’s face much more than I expected.
DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
I kind of wish she wasn’t quite as shiny/reflective.
DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn’s body sculpt is absolutely fantastic.
DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn
Couple more pictures of her on my flickr

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2 Responses to DC x Bishoujo Harley Quinn

  1. JMD Retail says:

    We really liked the Harley bishoujo, and your review was great! Did you get a chance to photo her with Poison Ivy and Catwoman?


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