July 2012 Pullip Releases Announced

It’s been a while since I have actually blogged new Pullip releases as they were announced but I am really excited about July’s releases so here we go…
Merl and Lir

Merl Merl
Merl is the Pullip release for July, her price is 12,600 yen which is currently about $155 luckily Pullipstyle is normally able to offer them at better prices than I would be able to get via importing.
Merl Merl
I really like her a lot, though I will admit I have a weakness for dolls with a nautical theme in general. She reminds me of a grown up Jolie!
I really like her face up, it suits her really well she isn’t overly done up.

Lir is July’s Isul release, he is dressed up to match his big sister Merl!
I was pretty adamant about not wanting anymore Isuls but this boy may break my resolve.
Chenille du Jardin 
Chenille du Jardin is the dal release for July.
Chenille du Jardin  Chenille du Jardin 
I absolutely love all things Alice in Wonderland, even though I literally own dozens of different Alice-themed dolls I have never really seen a caterpillar doll before and I have to say this is just about the most hysterical yet adorable thing ever and I am more excited about this release than I have been about any other this year.
Chenille du Jardin 
It’s kind of funny, I was gifted a doll sized hookah a couple of years ago just in case I ever actually got a caterpillar doll of some sort and well she is just perfect!
Chenille du Jardin 
She has a little bit of a different face up style than most dals, I believe this is the first dal release with freckles. She also has super blushy cheeks.

The last release in July is Regeneration Noir. I don’t think I have mentioned the new line of Regeneration dolls here, they are rereleases of beloved older releases. Groove originally described them as being renewed versions of the dolls, which I think had the potential of being really cool instead we basically got reissues of the same dolls they are now just on the type 4 body! I have kind of mixed feelings about the Regeneration dolls…
Regeneration Noir Regeneration Noir
The Regeneration dolls are all limited to 500 each, I suspect that Noir will sell out lightning fast as she has always been a really popular doll.
Regeneration Noir coming in July
Looking at the promo pictures she just doesn’t seem to have the same charm as the original to me. The original dolls all seemed to have a lot of character especially the earlier type 1s with their handpainted face ups these new ones just devoid of character.

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9 Responses to July 2012 Pullip Releases Announced

  1. Kiko says:

    WUV the Dal and Pullip(Merl). The Noir regeneration does not look Noirish at all to me. 😦

    • kleintoys says:

      Groove really outdid themselves this month, all the releases look pretty awesome for once. Something just seems lost in translation in the Noir regeneration, she loses a lot of her charm when translated over to the newer headmold.

  2. Aria says:

    Personally, I think regeneration Noir could probably much benefit from having her eyelids lowered a bit. I’m happy that she’s coming out, though.

    • kleintoys says:

      The eyelids are at least an easy fix! You can just swap out her eyelid levers with ones from an older pullip and that will lower the eyelids a smidge.

  3. Moonchild says:

    You’re right, the new Noir can’t really compare to the orig. one.
    Still, since I was never able to afford the orig. one, I’m excited about the new one getting released. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      Something just seems lost in translation with some of the regenerations, I’m not sure if it’s just because I am so used to the older dolls myself that seeing them with a new facemold is jarring to me or what.

  4. GiinLilyland says:

    Oh Gosh, she’s beautiful!!! *0*
    Ahn, may I ask you a question? D:
    I bought an Elisabeth and I don’t know how to put her teeths on… Do you have any idea?!?
    Sorry for the questions but I’m kinda lost!!!
    Thank you for your site. It’s amazing and always so… full of informations ❤
    thank you, thank you very much!!!

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