Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique

I’m normally more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan but I used to read quite a bit of Marvel and well I still have a soft spot for some of my favorite characters like the lovely shapeshifter Mystique.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
When Kotobukiya announced a Mystique figure in their Marvel x Bishoujo line I  immediately went on Entertainment Earth to preorder her (as well as Poison Ivy who has not arrived yet).  My Mystique figure arrived last week and I was able to get a chance to photograph her over the past weekend.

Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
I have to say I am pretty impressed with her, she really has no bad angles so I had a lot of fun photographing her so please forgive the picture spam.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
Kotobukiya has been a doing an excellent job for the most part with the Marvel and DC x Bishoujo figures, I have been really impressed with their level of detail.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
Her stand was very plain and unnecessary so I nixed it for the photos.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
I love the way they did her hair, the tips are made of a translucent plastic and it really looks quite nice.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
Just lovely, I think this is my favorite shot from the series I did.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
The only thing I am not entirely fond of with this figure are her eyes, which look a tad possessed depending upon the angle I feel like they are a bit too down turned which makes them look a bit awkward.
Marvel x Bishoujo Mystique
Believe or not, there are still more pictures of Mystique on my Flickr

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