DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy

Sorry for my absence again, I’ve been ill and as a result I haven’t really been spending much if any time online lately ^^; Enough with the excuses before I disappeared, my DC Comics x Bishoujo Poison Ivy figure arrived in the mail from Entertainment Earth and I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with her.
DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is one of my favorite DC characters, so I couldn’t resist preordering this figure and I have to say I am extremely pleased with her. In my personal opinion she is the best figure in the DC x Bishoujo line; her sculpt is amazing, the colors are amazingly vivid and the figure just really seems to suit Poison Ivy’s character.

DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy
Yes, I really think Kotobukiya outdid themselves with this figure.
DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy
The only thing I am not 100% on is that smile, I wish she had more of a closed mouth smile.
DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy
I love how organic her base is, the sculpt on it is very detailed. I especially love the Venus Flytraps included on the base. I also like that her hair has a similar motif to the base, they used the same type of curving, flowing lines on both her hair and the base.
DC Bishoujo x Poison Ivy
More photos available on my Flickr.
DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy

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2 Responses to DC x Bishoujo Poison Ivy

  1. Aria says:

    I definitely think this is my favorite figure of this line as well; she just seems so dynamic and almost alive. Quite fitting for a plant-themed character, if I do say so myself.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m really impressed with what Kotobukiya has done with this line in general but Poison Ivy just surpasses anything else done in the line so far. I can’t wait until the flowers are in bloom here to take her for an outdoor shoot.

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