Wonder Festival Exclusive Batgirl and Catwoman Pullips

Much to my surprise the Wonder Festival versions of the Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips arrived yesterday, they arrived way earlier than I had anticipated (before their SDCC counterparts even!). I bought the pair from Toy Malaysia, I paid just about $300 with shipping which I felt was pretty reasonable (with the yen conversion if I had bought them at Amiami they would have been like $175 each before shipping).

I had been dying to get my hands on Batgirl and Catwoman, I’m a huge DC fan and I love Pullips I could not be happier with the marriage of the two. I even took a picture of the newcomers in with a few of my other custom DC girls Harley Quinn and Duela Dent..
235/365 Batgirl had thought she had finally saved the day...
Batgirl had thought that she had finally managed to save the day, unfortunately she forgot that the villains tend to outnumber the heroes around here.

Wonder Festival Batgirl & Catwoman
Side by side shot, while they may not be as iconic as the SDCC Pullip versions of the same characters they are still pretty awesome.
Wonder Festival Batgirl Wonder Festival Batgirl Wonder Festival Batgirl

Wonder Festival Batgirl Stock
I feel somewhat disappointed that there was not at least a batarang included with Batgirl. The stock is extremely tight and hard to get back on so use caution. I fear with time the batlogo may fall off as it does not seem fastened to her suit all that well.
Wonder Festival Batgirl Face Up
I love Batgirl’s face up,  the SDCC version is a lot closer to canon Batgirl but I really love this version’s face up and that tan! Her skintone is almost as dark as Nahh-ato’s (normally Pullip redefines the word pale so seeing some variation in skintone is a nice thing).
Wonder Festival Catwoman Wonder Festival Catwoman Wonder Festival Catwoman

Wonder Festival Catwoman Stock
Again the stock is ridiculously right so take care when redressing. I really love the goggles.
Wonder Festival Catwoman Face Up
Catwoman has some intense eye shadow, it’s really a stark contrast against her super pale skin and blond hair/blue eye combo. She almost seems  bit too overdone, I prefer Batgirl’s face up ^^;
234/365 Wonder Festival Batgirl
I took some pictures at twilight yesterday of Batgirl stalking about, I had planned on taking them earlier in the day but somehow Batgirl wondering about during the daytime just didn’t seem right.
Wonder Festival Batgirl

Wonder Festival Batgirl saving the day from villains!
Defeating evil in it’s many forms!
Wonder Festival Batgirl

Wonder Festival Batgirl

Wonder Festival Catwoman
Getting catty! The whip actually doubles as a belt, it wraps around her and connects with the included buckle.
Wonder Festival Catwoman
Don’t be ridiculous, I did not steal your tiara out of your jewelry box!
Wonder Festival Catwoman
Batgirl’s outfit pads her out a bit, unfortunately Catwoman’s doesn’t so it is really noticeable just how thin the type 4 body is (getting this outfit on any other pullip body or obistu would be next to impossible).
Wonder Festival Catwomanl
Being a bit naughty…

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