New My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Toys

I kind of had my mind made up that on the way back from Michigan, I was going to find a Monster High Abbey Bombinable in one of the Toys R Us we passed by. I never did find Abbey (I did find her two days after our return at our local TRU) but I did find some other things including new ponies from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
229/365  My Little Ponies
From right to left we have Lulu Luck, Dewdrop Dazzle, Cupcake and Blossomforth.
236/365 Rarity's Carousel Boutique
I also picked up Rarity’s Carousel Boutique shortly after returning home, I really like it although I wish it was a bit more reasonably priced I think $25 would have been a more reasonable price versus $30 for it (it did come with two ponies but still) maybe I am just annoyed that I had to buy two of the damn things.

New Ponies
I hope in future releases we see more variations in color, I would love a green G4 pony.
Dewdrop Dazzle
My favorite of the new ponies is Dewdrop Dazzle, I have a weak spot for ducks so her theme made her my instant favorite.
Cupcake is another favorite of mine, she is just way too adorable.
Lulu Luck
Lulu Luck is adorable, but I kind of wish she wasn’t pink I really had to check to make sure she wasn’t the same pink unicorn that comes in Rarity’s Carousel Boutique.
Blossomforth’s coloring is a little bit different from the others, somehow she seems to have a bit more subdued coloring.

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