I wish- BJD Minifee Rena

Fairyland announced what I  think may just end up being my next bjd recently.  She is Minifee Rena Amphiptere Full Set  from the Fairy Atelier line.

While I absolutely love Fairyland bjds, so far all of my dolls from them have been tinies (5 soon to be 6 Pukipuki and 4 Littlefee). I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a Minifee before (I actually own a Minifee event head already) but none had ever had sparked my interest quite the way that Rena has. One of the major stumbling blocks for me with Minifee is that they are a slim msd, I really don’t want to start having to buy a wardrobe for one odd-sized bjd. Fortunately, I absolutely love Rena’s full stock look and I always have the option to buy her more clothes later so long as she at least comes with something to start with.

I love Rena’s demonic theme, it’s sinister but also a bit cartoon-ish which normally doesn’t work so well but I think it achieves a good balance between the two.
I absolutely love her face sculpt and the company face up is simply to die for.
Since I just paid off the layaway via denverdoll on my Pukipuki Poseidon today, my hope is to be able to put a down payment on Rena when my next paycheck comes before Fairyland’s price increases hit Minifee.

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