Sengoku Basara Line of Pullips and Company

I was going to blog the new series of Romantic Alice dolls but then it occurred to me that I had neglected to blog June’s releases ^^; June’s line of dolls is based off the Sengoku Basara series of video games, I have to admit I’m a bit puzzled by this release choice. I am just not sure what their target audience is with these, maybe to appeal to a larger audience? The dolls don’t seem all that popular within the pullip community itself. I think what annoys me the most is that all the characters they chose to turn into dolls seem to be male, there are female characters within the series but again we have the majority of the dolls crossdressing (not that there is anything inherently wrong with crossdressing, I just prefer my dolls not to).
From left to right we have Taeyang as Chousokabe Motochika, Dal as Sanada Yukimura, Pullip as Date Masamune, Byul as Sarutobi Sasuke and Isul as Mouri Motonari.

This is Chousokabe Motochika, the character that Taeyang is based off of.
Chousokabe Motochika
I think he translates fairly well, but he is kind of the easy one of the group as Taeyang is the manliest of the dolls.
He’s really not a bad looking Taeayang.

This is Sanada Yukimura, the character Dal is based off of. Now, trouble can be seen over the horizon, and inherent problems of female dolls cosplaying as male characters come in as Sanada is basically shirtless.
I will give Groove credit they did try to cover up the shall we say budding problem of having Dal be topless by covering her up with a skin colored tube top.
At least she has a nice tan skintone and her face up is quite nice, although I fear she may be a bit of a tomboy even outside of her stock.
This is Date Masamune, the character the pullip is based off of.
I think the Pullip may just be my favorite out of the entire set, I love her stock even if she is technically crossdressing and I like her a face up a lot.
I think this pullip looks a bit menacing and I like it!
This is Sarutobi Sasuke the character byul is based off of.
Sarutobi Sasuke
While normally the byul has been the favorite of recent releases, I think I can safely say the byul is my least favorite in this set.
I wonder if the warpaint is actually part of her face up as if it is, it would make redressing her next to impossible (unless you want a byul that like to play soldier maybe?).
This is Mouri Motonari, the character Isul is based off of.
I actually like him quite a bit, he may just be a close second to pullip in my favorite from this set.
At least his face up is different from the other Isul releases, most of the others just look like palette swaps ^^;

The dolls are all available for preorder at Pullipstyle for $112 plus shipping (as of this writing).

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5 Responses to Sengoku Basara Line of Pullips and Company

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m not particularly fond of the look of that Byul eitehr (based on your pictures)

    • kleintoys says:

      The entire line just seems like so overtly masculine I’m not sure who they are trying to attract, I can’t see many men buying these ^^;

  2. Avalon says:

    Myeah, I’m not a fan of any of this batch (my bank account is very happy about that)
    I agree that this one doesn’t seem to hit an actual target audience at all.

  3. Lindsey Ward says:

    I was wondering if Dal’s could fit Isul’s clothes?

    • kleintoys says:

      Not so much, you can squeeze most of it unto an isul but it is noticeably undersized and I had to like slit up the back of the calf area to make it fit and the shoes didn’t fit at all.

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