Romantic Alice Pullip set announced

Starting in July, Groove Inc will be releasing a new line of Pullip & company based on Alice in Wonderland. Groove Inc (and Jun Planning before it) really seems to love Alice in Wonderland, over the years they have released Fantastic Alice, the Another Alice set (Another Alice, Another Queen, Another King, Another Soldier Rabbit & Another Clock Rabbit), the Lunatic Alice series (Lunatic Alice, Lunatic White Rabbit, Lunatic Humpty Dumpty and Lonely Queen) and two different series of mini Alices; arguments can be made about Puki also being an Alice in Wonderland based doll as well. I’m personally a huge Alice in Wonderland fan so I am not actually put off by the idea of more Alice dolls, however I wish they would have chose some new characters to feature we still haven’t seen a full sized Cheshire Cat doll or even a Dormouse.
From right to left: Pullip- Romantic Alice, Isul- unknown (possibly knave of hearts), Taeyang- Mad Hatter, Byul- Queen and Dal- unknown (white rabbit or rabbit soldier perhaps?)

Pullip, Byul and Taeyang are slated for a July release, Isul and Dal are to be released at a later date during the year. The MSRP for the dolls is going to be 13,650 yen each, with current conversion will be over $165 each. I hope Pullipstyle is able to offer them at a bit more affordable pricing.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 2011 pullip calender earlier this year, Romantic Alice and Mad Hatter were actually featured but it was unclear when I got the calender if they would actually be future releases or not.
The preview pictures don’t have a lot of flair to them this time :/
It’s an Alice outfit alright, it is quite splendid and certainly more impressive than Fantastic Alice’s stock.
She reminds me of a softer, gentler Blanche. The under-eyelashes are dead on but the blush is less severe and her lips are a nice rosy pink.
I wish the Mad Hatter was a bit more colorful, his stock kind of washes him out a bit. I do love his hat though!
I like his face up a lot, it’s very appealing.
The byul’s stock is spectacular, I love how she almost seems lost or overwhelmed in it.
I think the byul is fabulous, I love her face up even if it reminds me a bit of Eris’.

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3 Responses to Romantic Alice Pullip set announced

  1. Yuki says:

    Was the byul/isul/ taeyang ever released?
    Can’t them anywhere 😦

    • kleintoys says:

      Yes, Pullipstyle should have all three they were not very popular releases though so not many owner photos. I personally don’t own any of the three though I have seen the byul in person and think she is lovely.

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