117/365- Fakie Kirakishou Pullip

I recently purchased two Japanese pullip customs, they both arrived yesterday. The one that had originally sparked my interest was a fakie Kirakishou custom. Kirakishou is a character from Rozen Maiden, when the released the pullip line based on the characters of the show (way back in 2006-2008) they decided to release Kirakishou in only a limited number. Unfortunately she is very popular so her price soared on the after market. Because of the lack availability and price, quite a few people made custom version of Kirakishou I’ve seen a handful of the fakie Kiras before but this one really caught my eye.
117/365- Faux Kira
In the manga, Kirakishou actually lacks a right eye and a white rose grows out of the eye socket instead. The official pullip release of Kirakishou has a rose eyepatch that simply covers the eye, the custom actually has a (fake) white rose where the right eye should be.
Kira fakie
I love her face up.

Couple more pictures of Fakie Kirakishou and the other new custom girl under the cut

Kira fakie
Fakie Kirakishou even came with handmade stock, it looks good enough in pictures but in person the quality is not the best ^^; The overall gorgeousness of the doll will let me excuse the sewing.

Now for the other girl, she caught my eye after I had already set my eyes on Fakie Kira unlike Fakie Kira though she came to me nude and bald. I’m still not 100% sure what I am going to with her as far as wig/clothes are concerned. Maybe a nice teal wig would suit, I’m rather fond of her already though so pink may end up being her permanent color.

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4 Responses to 117/365- Fakie Kirakishou Pullip

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Oh, and here I thought that she just wore an eyepatch because I’ve only seen her as a Pullip. Interesting.

    • kleintoys says:

      Kirakishou only appears very briefly in the anime (literally like five seconds) so not as many people are familiar with her, Barasuishou does not exist in the manga at all so Kirakishou is a much more central character so it isn’t really surprising that she is such an unknown character unless you read the manga (which I recommend).

  2. Rasmus says:

    Where can i get that Kirakishou? I really think it looks good and i would love to buy it

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