79/365- Saber Lily Dollfie Dream

My Saber Lily Dollfie Dream arrived mid-last week but due to various craziness going in my personal life I didn’t really have a chance to properly welcome her home. I won the right to buy her through Volk’s lottery last December, it’s been a long wait but she is finally here…..
79/365 Saber Lily Dollfie Dream
and she is gorgeous.

Saber Lily has the most complex stock of any of the Dollfie Dreams I have handled. Getting her full dressed actually took me a few hours, partially because I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess anything up but it was also pretty complex.
Saber Lily Dollfie Dream
Transporting her was a pain because her stock was voluminous, that and her armor actually makes her quite heavy.
Saber Lily Dollfie Dream
Saber Lily is one of the most gorgeous dolls that I have ever laid my eyes on.
Saber Lily Dollfie Dream
Some additional pictures on my flickr.

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6 Responses to 79/365- Saber Lily Dollfie Dream

  1. OtakuDepot says:

    Congrats on getting Lily!!! I was also surprised at how heavy she was when fully geared up. 🙂 (Don’t worry Lily, I know it’s just the armor.)

    • kleintoys says:

      Thank you and congrats to you as well 😀 Compared to my resin girls she is still light as a feather but I was quite surprised by her heft.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    It must be hard to wait a full year for something you’ve paid for up front at $1,000. But I can tell the price paid and the wait were completely worth it. Since the stock seems difficult to put on and take off do you think she’ll spend most of her time in her stock outfit? Also how was arranging the wig? I had heard the wig was a bit of a challenge.

    • kleintoys says:

      The normal wait is around three months, my bjds are normally take around 4-5 months, I bought my first bjd before my first DD so they don’t seem quite as bad haha (in a lot of cases I am paying slightly under DD prices for a much smaller bjd). For now I actually put Saber Lily back in her box, she’s really heavy with all her armor so getting her to stand on her own is really tricky so until her stand arrives she will either be in the box or on display in her lingerie. The wig was not bad at all, after some of the pullip wigs I have dealt with it is easy haha.

  3. Moonchild says:

    Wow, she is absolutely stunning! 🙂 Congratulations! 🙂

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