78/365- Saber Nendoroids

I have been thinking about taking a group shot of all my Saber nendoroids ever since I got the new Full Action Saber Nendoroid from Animadness just about a month ago.
78/365 Saber Nendoroids
Starting from the top center then clockwise: Hetare Saber, Saber Lion, Saber Alter (Wonder Festival Exclusive), Saber Lily, Saber Full Action and Saber Armored Version (Wonder Festival Exclusive Nendoroids)

I’m kind of surprised and amused that they have released six different Saber nendoroids over the years, and that is not counting the nendoroid of Konata from Lucky Star cosplaying as Saber (who I also own but chose to leave out of the photo).  Saber is wildly popular so I suppose I shouldn’t really be that surprised that she has received so much nendoroid love. I find myself wondering if they will come up with a way to release more Saber nendoroids ^^;
Saber Nendoroid
I think this is still my favorite facial expression of all the Saber nendoroids.

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2 Responses to 78/365- Saber Nendoroids

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I only own the lion and the petit gang 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I actually have the petits but I am not entirely sure what I did with them, I put them all back in the gsc box and I think I may have inadvertently mistaken the box as empty and tossed it in my storage unit ^^;

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