80/365- Sailor Moon plush and manga

Exciting Sailor Moon news was released earlier this week, the manga is finally being re-released in the states. The manga was released a long time ago here in the US but has been out of print for years now and well honestly it was one of the first translations done by Tokyopop (then Mixx) so it was kind of weak. Names in the original American release of the manga were seemingly taken from the bastardized American dub of Sailor Moon and a lot of references were Americanized (this was before the trend of actually explaining references within the manga in a notes section).

The new release of the manga is based on the rerelease of the manga in Japan a few years ago. It will be released bi-monthly starting in September as soon as Amazon puts up preorders I fully intend to pounce on them. In even more exciting news, Codename: Sailor V will also be released for the first time in English.
80/365 Sailor Moon Plush
I decided to feature one of my many Sailor Moon plushes on a pile of various Sailor Moon/Codename: Sailor V manga. I actually own a lot more of the manga, I have almost all of it in both Japanese (I’m missing a volume but can’t remember which ^^;) and English (missing Stars 1 and3).

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1 Response to 80/365- Sailor Moon plush and manga

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m soooo excited for this! Also unfortunately my sister got the Sailor Moon plush when we were kids, but I was given Mars and Luna.

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