Dollfie Dream Suzumiya and Mikuru

I recently took Suzumiya and Mikuru out for some photos. I took them to the same location that I photographed my Fate/Stay Night Dollfie Dreams at.
Suzumiya and Mikuru

Mikuru and Suzumiya
I’ve had my eye on Mikuru for so long it so nice to finally have her as part of my DD family. I will not ever pursue Yuki, I am not a fan of her character nor am I overly fond of her dollfie; I am quite happy and content with just Suzumiya and Mikuru.
I really need to order some optional dollfie dream hands so I can have Mikuru doing her proper Mikuru Beam!

Suzumiya and Mikuru

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2 Responses to Dollfie Dream Suzumiya and Mikuru

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I agree, Yuki is alright but she is probably my least favorite character of the bunch. Although my favorite is Ryouko…if there were a DD of her I think I would try to make her my first (and potentially only) DD. Because she is a character I LOVE and based on what I learned from yoou I probably don’t have to worry about staining if she is in her school uniform. But somehow a DD release of her seems very unlikely, they’d prob do Tsuruya before even considering Ryouko.

    • kleintoys says:

      Yuki is my least favorite but she is really popular in Japan so she tends to sell for twice of what I paid for Mikuru or Suzumiya. I would have a hard time justifying her in the Mikuru/Suzumiya price range nevermind twice that. I wish they would make Suzumiya DD they would certainly sell better than some of the more random releases (the ones from the hentai game released two cycles back have actually lost value :O). I would definitely buy a Tsuruya-san DD

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