63/365 Vocaloid Miku figure by Sega Prize

I haven’t been buying anime figures as of late, I was running out of shelf space and I had kind of lost interest. Before I stopped collecting I had been keeping up with collecting pretty much all of the Vocaloid figures unfortunately when I stopped collecting they did not stop releasing new figures from Vocaloid, the market seems to have been flooded with new figures. I did pick up a few Vocaloid things here and there like the nendoroid plush series, but now I am woefully behind. It’s a bit overwhelming honestly, I do not even like all of the figure releases . There are a few Vocaloid figures I am keen on getting, I am hoping to get at least one for my upcoming birthday.
63/365 Miku figure
I recently did get one of the Miku figures during my last trip to Animadness, I saw her in one of their display cases and absolutely had to have her. I was quite surprised that she turned out to be a Sega Prize figure. I knew she was not a Good Smile Company or Max Factory at first glance but she seems so much more well done than all of the other Sega Prize figures I have seen anyway.

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2 Responses to 63/365 Vocaloid Miku figure by Sega Prize

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I like her a lot too. She has a nice presence. I like the color they chose for her hair especially, it’s a bit lighter than what I usually see but I really like it.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m pretty happy with her especially for a Sega Prize, she is pretty impressive. The blue is unusual but I kind of like it.

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