62/365- Pullip Papin (Dr.Skittles) and her cohorts

Dr. Skittles is one of my many Papins, she is member of the rainbow mafia. Dr. Skittles wears a custom upsized version of the little dal Neiryo’s stock made by Angelberries. While I have had the little pullip Bohso that matches Neiryo for a long while I only just recently bought Neiryo herself.
62/365- Dr. Skittles and cohorts Pain and Misery

Dr. Skittles, Pain and Misery
Dr.Skittles is one of my favorite dolls, she is downright adorable but her character is a bit warped. She’s a doctor but she never attended medical school, instead she gets all her brutal medical advice from her two imaginary friends Pain (Neiryo) and Misery (Bohso).
Dr. Skittles and Pain

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