49/365- Dollfie Dream Suzumiya welcomes Dollfie Dream Mikuru

What better way is there to welcome her favorite victim dear friend than with a hug?
49/365 D'aww I just want to give her a hug
Mikuru is my 18th Dollfie Dream, I had actually been on the hunt for a Mikuru DD for a long while but something else always managed to pop up and distract me. The most recent distraction was the lovely Nia, I had literally been shopping for Mikuru when a Nia popped up at a good price Nia is a lot harder to find up for sale so I pounced on her.  Of course, as much as I love Nia I regretted pushing Mikuru to the side again to get her so I ended up deciding to get Mikuru as well with the understanding that I not buy anymore DD until at least October. The no more DD until October resolution already got hit out of the park, DD #19 should be here on Tuesday and I am already eying the Kudo MDD from the upcoming dolpa.

I need to start doing proper shoots with the Dollfie Dreams again soon, it’s still very cold outside though so I have not ventured too much outside for photos lately.
Now that she is here I absolutely adore her and find myself wondering why I waited so long to get her. I keep going over to my Melancholy of Suzumiya display to go peek at her as if to reaffirm that she does in fact exist and that I own her.
Mikuru and Suzumiya
Of course, Suzumiya was bratty and kept on insisting that she too was to be in all the photographs with Mikuru.
Mikuru & Suzumiya
Suzumiya always feels she should be the center of attention. I will say the Dollfie Dreams of Suzumiya and Mikuru compliment each other very well. The obvious question that I keep on getting asked is when will I be getting Yuki, the truth is I don’t really care for Yuki’s character all that much so I am not sure if I will ever be willing to shell out that much money just to have the complete trio. If they eventually decided to release a Tsuruya-san Dollfie Dream I don’t think I would be able to resist her.
More pictures on Flickr

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