May Pullip & Company Releases- Dollte Porte

The group shot of May’s Dollte Porte releases has actually been floating around for a few weeks, I chose to wait until photos of the individual releases became available before mentioning them here. Dollte Porte
From left to right: Isul Veselle, Byul Leroy, Dal Charlemagne, Pullip- Henri & Taeyang Alfred
An official statement from Groove mentions that Mango Park (pullip’s designer) will be creating a people sized clothing brand based on these releases clothing link.  I will admit, I am a bit skeptical of the success of the potential clothing brand based on these doll’s designs of course that could just be my bitterness about most Japanese clothing not fitting my bust ^^;

May Isul Vesslle May Isul Vesslle
Isul Veselle is rather pretty but he is a boy, while it may be apt it seems a bit strange to me that all of the isul releases are nothing but a string of dandified pretty boys . I am actually a big fan of his stock, I think it is wig that is giving me pause perhaps it is just a bit too fabulous for him for my tastes  (if I get him he will be rewigged in a ginger colored fur wig).

Byul- Leroy
May Byul Leroy May Byul-Leroy
Byul once again seems to rise above the competition for me, she is again my favorite of the releases. I love absolutely everything about her except for maybe her name Groove Inc has been coming out with progressively stranger and stranger names for their dolls (this coming from a person with a pullip named Dr. Skittles).

May Dal Charlemagne May Dal Charlemagne
I wish they had given Charlemagne some bangs or perhaps just placed her wig a little lower on her forehead, I feel like way too much forehead is exposing on her. I actually really like her stock it is perhaps even my favorite stock of this month’s releases (the little muff is adorable) but I find the dal itself to be the least compelling of the dolls.

Pullip- Henri
May Pullip Henri May Pullip Henri
Henri looks to be quite pretty, I really love her face up and her eye make up reminds me of Isolde/Adsiltia’s. The stock looks rather nice on her but it seems kind of poorly fitted around the bust.

May Taeyang Alfred May Taeyang Alfred
Alfred has quite the dramatic face up, I actually like it quite a bit makes him a bit more unique against some of the other taeyangs which seem a bit too muted to me. If Byul is my favorite of May’s releases then Taeyang is a close second because I absolute love Alfred.

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1 Response to May Pullip & Company Releases- Dollte Porte

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Henri kind of looks like she could be the heroine from an Austen novel. I like her.

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