48/365- DD Suzumiya’s package finally arrives

According to tracking DHL should have delivered Suzumiya’s package yesterday, tracking was frantically checked and rechecked but to no avail. The package was on hold and well DHL is a bit hard to get in contact with, for whatever reason the package didn’t make it in time yesterday and was instead delivered today.
Of course now that Suzumiya’s package has arrived, Suzumiya does not really seem to be in any great hurry to help her dear friend Mikuru out of the package.
Of course, Suzumiya had to take a moment to inspect Mikuru’s stuff to make sure there was nothing worth stealing.

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2 Responses to 48/365- DD Suzumiya’s package finally arrives

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Mikuru’s boobs seem so big even through all that packaging 🙂 this may sound like an odd question but out of all of your DD’s which one(s) seem to be the largest cup size? You have so many full figured kick-ass women I was curious if a few were noticeably larger.

    • kleintoys says:

      My DD girls sure seem to run the gamete on bust sizes… Illya is my only MDD so she has the smaller more childlike body. Yui from K-on! is my only doll with a small bust. Feena, Estel, Erika Sendo, Rin, Rei, Mari, Asuka, Nia and Suzumiya all have M sized bust. Sakura, Excellen and Mikuru have large busts. Then there are the more curvy dynamites which have larger busts as well as more shapely legs, both of the Yokos, Kanu and Ryomou use that body. There is an even large bust type from Volks that can be used for dynamite called the shapely bust but none of my girls have that yet. There is also aftermarket parts you can buy called Peach Pai which are like ridiculous oversized boobs for them.

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