47/365 Nightmare Before Christmas

I recently finished resetting up my Nightmare Before Christmas display. This isn’t all of my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, I actually have another few boxes of various merchandise I have acquired over the years.  It has been kind of a long standing tradition, that every year for Christmas I receive at least one Nightmare Before Christmas thing from friends/family.
47/365 Nightmare Before Christmas
This year was the first year that I actually did not receive a Nightmare Before Christmas gift :O I recently went to FYE and rejoiced in a few NBC clearance items though including the larger Pumpkin Jack bobblehead and the plush seen in the picture. Somewhat ironically, I actually just got a Jack and Sally Kubrick set today as a gift.

Close up of the left side…
Left Side
and of the right..
Right Side
I’ve amassed a variety of stuff over the years, my favorite item is probably my centerpiece which is actually a lamp (Jack’s skull lights up). The very large Jack on the left side was sent to me one Christmas by a friend of mine that moved away, it arrived completely wrapped and it spoke to me and scared the bejesus out of me.
Wider View
This is the wider view, I actually have my Monster High dolls on the shelf below the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.  The MH dolls just seem to compliment the Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m still in the process of deciding what will be set up on the lower two shelves, the Pop!Superheroes were not originally meant to be displayed where they are but they were the perfect height for the shelf.

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2 Responses to 47/365 Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I imagine you like The Nightmare Before Christmas a lot more than Corpse Bride. But how much do you like Corpse Bride? Wwere you satisfied by it when it came out? I liked it when I saw it but I haven’t watched it since. Lately I’ve had cravings to give it a re-watch. Well Corpse Bride and Sleepy Hollow.

    • kleintoys says:

      The Corpse Bride posters have more to do with the Nightmare Before Christmas display having moved around the apartment it used to be surrounded with NBC posters, I was too lazy to swap all the posters around the apartment ^^; I love the art of Corpse Bride but I feel the ending was unsatisfying, I really loved the movie up until the last five minutes then it just kind of seemed forced to me. I got all the Corpse Bride posters from my Suncoast when they were closing for free, I’ve also got a couple of the figures (the main three characters) but no where near the amount of stuff I have for Nightmare Before Christmas.

      I love Sleepy Hollow, it was actually one of the first movies I bought on HDD which it makes it one of the very few that I own haha.

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