Get- Dal Sweet Risa

Sweet Risa was one of this year’s three Doll Carnival exclusives. Risa is based off of actress/model Risa Hirako, who apparently also happens to collect dal. There is a second version of Risa in more punk rock type clothing (she even comes with heart shaped glasses) simply known as Chibi Risa but she was not limited.
Somewhat luckily Pullipstyle was able to offer a limited amount of preorders for the doll carnival dolls this year, meaning for once us collectors did not have to pay an arm and a leg for them. Sweet Risa unfortunately sold out in the preorder stage but the other two doll carnival limiteds Clara and Chloi are still up for sale.

IMG_2843 IMG_2845 IMG_2846
I am honestly not that familiar with Risa Hirako, but I will say Sweet Risa makes an adorable little hippie chick. I named mine Rowan after the character in Wicker Man (the original, don’t get me started on that train wreck starring Nicholas Cage). Her stock is actually fairly well made, it has an almost dreamy quality to it. The boots are unfortunately one of the most reused stock shoe molds (Latte, Lizbel..) but they really do seem to work with the outfit.
Despite appearances, Risa’s (both versions) lips are just painted to make them appear fuller. There is not a new dal head mold. Groove Inc very rarely makes new headmolds, but they do on occasion try to push the boundaries on what can be done with the same basic face.  There are a few pullips with “open mouths” such as Melissa, Haute NY/LA and Celsiy to a lesser extent these were not new headmolds the lips were just painted slightly differently to make it appear they had open mouths.
IMG_9828 IMG_9814 IMG_9813

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